The 6th & 7th; I really don’t want to have to stab myself forever.

September 8, 2015 — 3 Comments

The 6th of September. 

Finally back to the gym. My first interaction of the day was Daddy informing me that the boiler had some sort of fit and died overnight so we have no hot water or heating in general until Tuesday. My hair will stay unwashed until then, wonderful. 

This morning I watched Sunday Brunch and updated my blog. My stomach seemed to be behaving itself so I thought I’d definitely go to the gym after lunch. 

The car was lovely and warm as it had been sitting in the sun so I didn’t really want to get out when we arrived. It was really quiet in the gym, which meant I was able to do everything in the order I wanted to and that is very pleasing to me. One of the strange boys appeared while I was on the mat and decided he wanted to use the box near me. Instead of picking it up and moving it to some free space, he lifted the mat that was apparently in the way to the other side and sort of smashed it down next to me. I did not appreciate that. 

I am trying my best not to pester Daddy about kittens because that will end badly but I want to do this so much and I don’t understand his objection. 

The 7th of September. 

Finally have some clexane plans. I had thrombosis clinic today. After going to three different areas of the hospital (the letter was really not clear), we found ourselves in Haemophilia Clinic with Dr. Gill who used to look after me in BCH, way back when. She was even there when Mark told me the tumours in my face were leukaemia. 

The plan is going to be that my clexane is reduced to 40mg instead of 80mg, and we’ll monitor the size of my leg. If, in 8 weeks, it’s okay, then we’ll try coming off it completely. I really don’t want to have to stab myself forever. 

This afternoon I watched Side Effects while crocheting a scarf in a very fine, multicoloured wool. Mainly thinking about where we can put things that are in the back bedroom so kittens can live there. I want to do this so much; looking after them would give me a reason to get up in the morning, if I had something to care for. 

3 responses to The 6th & 7th; I really don’t want to have to stab myself forever.


    Hope you can get to foster kittens xx

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