The 8th & 9th; It doesn’t hurt every time I breathe.

September 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 8th of September. 

Daddy agreed to kitten fostering last night, so this morning I texted Jackie and we got on with sorting out the back bedroom so it’s safe for them to live there. The boiler man was here too – we had him coming to do a service anyway so it was really quite convenient that it broke when it did. He was able to fix it so now we have hot water again! Once he was gone, we were able to really tidy the room. I put all the XBox and computer stuff in drawers, then we packed away a lot of Mommy’s craft stuff into boxes. My weights have gone into various openings to plug them up. 

After lunch, I let Jackie know that we were ready, then I spent my afternoon crocheting and watching tv while I waited for her to get back to me. She needs to talk to the kittens’ current fosterer (who will get some needier kittens) and see when she can bring them to us. I’m so excited to meet them! Little kitty pals. 

Also, I have clean hair now. I feel all swooshy. 

The 9th of September. 

A truly terrible night which has resulted in me feeling like shit all day. I barely slept – I’m sure I must have dropped off briefly but I have no recollection of doing so. I was really cold, then too hot, then just couldn’t get comfortable. I also had abdominal pain for the majority of the night. So I did not go to the gym, much as I had hoped to. 

I had a chiro appointment at half ten so I did that and there wasn’t much to work on, just a crunchy neck and left shoulder blade. For the rest of the day, I have sat in front of the tv, crocheting and trying to work out if I have another pulmonary embolism. I have some chest pain which is similar to the last one but isn’t constant – it doesn’t hurt every time I breathe. I just need to monitor it and see how I am in the morning. I do hope it goes away as quickly as it came; I really don’t want to have to breathe in the radioactive gas again. I’ve just had a phone call from Jackie regarding the kittens. The two who are planned for us may get adopted this week, so I have to wait until Friday for more news. 

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