The 10th & 11th; Like gravel in my chest.

September 12, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 10th of September. 

I love Zopiclone. I took two last night and had a big old dreamless sleep that was only interrupted when men came to put up scaffolding around the front of the house. We need it so Daddy can do some work around the box room. Anyway. By half past nine they’d gone, so I got out of bed and dressed for the gym because I was determined to go today. 

This morning I wrote up my blog and closely monitored how my chest felt. I had a few twinges of pain but I didn’t feel it was enough to stop me going out. 

We went out after lunch, and everything seemed okay but something was off. My heart rate wasn’t going as high as usual, and I was getting weaker earlier in my sets. I could feel my ribs grinding like gravel in my chest. There were a couple of instances of chest pain and after just over two hours I gave up and decided to come home. 

The bloody boiler has died again overnight so we’ve no hot water again and it’s warmer outside than it is in our house. I have a blanket over my knees. If this happens Ashdon when it’s actually cold I will go and live in my bed with the electric blanket. Love knitwear, hate that it needs to be cold for me to wear it. 

The 11th of September. 

A rather uneventful day for me. The boiler man was back this morning to sort it out – I don’t really know what happened, I do not get involved. Mommy was out for the majority of the morning with Grandma, shopping in Sutton, and I watched the massively awkward David Cassidy interview on This Morning while I continued crocheting this multicoloured snood I’ve been doing. 

Mommy got back just before one and we were having lunch when Carol arrived. We then just sat having a natter about life, the universe and everything for four hours. Work, family, TV, I have her Seamus the Alpaca who I’d made for her ages ago. She is charmed by him. 

She left just after five, so I watched Pointless and finished the snood, now here we are. I have no kitten news as Jackie still needs to speak to Jen and find out what the plan is. 

On,I got a letter from Dr. Robinson about the hysteroscopy etc., and discovered I have a “pinpoint cervix” and a “tortuous cervical canal” along with my retroverted uterus. Good to know. 

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