The 14th & 15th; Kitties are my friends.

September 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 14th of September. 

Kitties are my friends. 

I was up super early (6:25) to go and get a portable blood pressure cuff at 8:30 to wear for 24 hours. It goes up every half hour, until 11pm when it’ll be every hour. I’m not sure how much I’ll sleep. 

The kittens came out when I fed them and we had a stroke, and I came back to them once we’d returned from hospital. On the way home, we tried to drop off the fox hats to Emily but got confused about where she lives so will try again tomorrow. Hal let me stroke him a lot this morning while we watched tv, and for the majority of the afternoon we played and had a lovely time while Harvey stayed under the bed. 

He came out about half past the? He’s still a bit unsure but both have walked over my legs and let me scratch them behind the ears which I had no hope of doing yesterday. They’re just silly, wanting to playfight and pounce on inanimate objects. I have to change my slippers to go into the kittens’ room because they try to eat mine. 

I did have a break at lunchtime to write my blog and have some extra coffee. I also need to wash my hair but can’t do that while I’m wearing the BP monitor. Such fun! 

The 15th of September.

Second early start in a row. Thank God I can sleep until a decent time tomorrow. At the hospital, they plugged the machine into the computer and downloaded the data. That was very quick, then we sat around for a good ten minutes while they tried to locate a printer, but eventually had to call IT to remotely access the computer and do it for them. We got there in the end! On the way home, I dropped off the hats at a house that was definitely Emily’s, then popped into Pets at Home for hamster bedding. 

Upon our return, I had a second breakfast as I already had a rumbly tumbly, as Winnie the Pooh would say. One pain au chocolat later, I went to hang out with the kitties. I thought we were getting along, but when Mommy came in, they both went to sit on her, which was pretty gutting. 

After lunch, we washed my hair and I moisturised my legs, which then made the kittens not trust me because I smelled weird, so they hid under the bed and I went to crochet a badger hat. I went back in during Pointless and Harvey was my friend, but Hal hit his face on my hand when I wasn’t looking and thinks I did it on purpose so he’s not talking to me. I’m sure he’ll forget when I feed them later. 

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