The 16th & 17th; Over and over about how my body doesn’t work.

September 18, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 16th of September. 

Woke up to a text from Sadie checking that the Hallfield thing was tonight, and requesting either a seal or a penguin pal for Pablo the Polar Bear who I made for her previously. I had planned on going to the gym this afternoon, but that went out of the window. 

This morning I did a blog update, then hung out with the kittens. I think we’re proper friends now. Hal just doesn’t like it when a hand comes towards his face, but he’ll allow stroking. 

After lunch, I made a penguin for Sadie, which took a couple of hours but I got it done in time. It’s very cute. I had an hour before I needed to go out, so I had a little bit more kitty-petting fun time and took lots of photos of them. This could be bad for my phone memory. 

Said texted again to say she was going to be early so we sped out of the house to get to The Highfield so she wasn’t on her own for too long. When I arrived, she was very pleased to see me and her little penguin pal. We talked Bake Off and I showed her pictures of the kittens which she captioned excellently and I will be using them. We decided to be sociable with all the older men, which then resulted in an evening of Sadie having to explain that her PhD in politics has nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn, and me telling people over and over about how my body doesn’t work. My favourite. 

I got home just in time for Bake Off, and had scrambled eggs on toast while we watched Tamal become Star Baker. 

The 17th of September. 

Finally back in the gym after about a week since my last rather unsuccessful session. 

I got up and dressed this morning in gymwear, but decided I will need to purchase some full-length gym leggings because it is going to get too cold for my knee-length ones. I had breakfast and did a little bit of writing before morning kitty time. They trust me now, but Harvey is definitely the needier of the two. He will always come up to me first and rub his face all over my hand. He also keeps smelling my nose which is very cute but a little bit unnerving. 

After lunch, I went to the gym. It was lovely and quiet so I could do exactly as I wished. Smiley boy not there again, which is very unusual, but the other odd one came in. It’s like he thinks he’s totally alone – I noticed him pulling up his shirt and squeezing the flab on his belly. Not something one expects to see in public. My favourite thing that happened was that four boys came in in their school uniform and I just thought it was adorable. 


One response to The 16th & 17th; Over and over about how my body doesn’t work.


    The kittens are SOOOO cute – glad you’re enjoying them 😊

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