The 18th & 19th; They’re such little weirdos.

September 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 18th of September. 

It doesn’t feel like a Friday. I keep thinking it’s Monday. I saw a woman wearing a “Happy Friday” top and I thought “how embarrassing” until I realised I was wrong. 

This morning I wrote up my blog and played with the kittens. I’m just obsessed with them, it’s ridiculous. Daddy came in to see us and he tried to hold Harvey on his lap but he was having none of it. I hope they will learn to be kitties that like to sit still on people. 

After lunch, Mommy and I went into town, originally for me to get gym leggings, but alas that did not happen. The shop has changed its stock and now it only sells hideous, patterned leggings. I refuse to wear those. We also went to take back a coat for Daddy, for me to get some wool to make a present for Helen, and for us to also get a card for her, as it’s her leaving do on Monday. 

Since we got home, I’ve been working on Helen’s gift and I just checked on the kittens. I am trying to avoid the news because it is just so desperately sad and I can’t even imagine. It would be so much easier if I were a rightwing dickhead and didn’t give a shit about them. 

The 19th of September. 

I had a dream last night that Gemma Collins accused me of being attention-seeking, because I don’t like it when people tell me they hope I’ll get better and I have to explain that that can’t happen. I just feel bad having to keep breaking it to people. Sometimes I just lie, it’s easier. 

It’s been a fairly uneventful day. I had my breakfast and coffee (finally finished the blend I got from Pit Prop – it was such a dark roast, it was bitter. So glad to be back on hasbean) and sped through the paper so I could spend some time with the kittens. I ended up watching The Maze Runner on Sky Movies and it is an odd one. I did end up reading the synopses of all the books on Wikipedia though because I’m curious like that. 

I left them when it finished and went to have my lunch, and this afternoon I’ve been mainly crocheting Helen’s present. Monotonous. I’ve checked in on them a few times and they were fine. Harvey keeps licking my hand. Shaki is coming round this evening with some food and litter so I’ll ask her about it. Oscar never did that. They’re such little weirdos. 

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