The 22nd & 23rd; Another day, another clinic.

September 26, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 22nd of September. 

Is it weird that I still have dreams about being at school? They’re always similar – I’m either doing GCSEs or A-levels but they won’t count, so I don’t need to do any of the work, and I’m still ambulant. I wish they’d stop. I have no desire to be back in education. 

This morning I did a blog post, then had to fill in forms for the O2 Academy so I can have a disabled space at the Death Cab gig and for my new CEA card so I can continue to get free cinema tickets. I hung out with the kittens and they were freaking out about the heavy rain because I don’t think they’ve experienced it before.

This afternoon I went to the gym and saw none of the regulars, except the chap who always wears a hat. I was coming toward the end of my routine when my headphones started having a fit and I wasn’t getting all the sound. I can’t cope with the gym music so I finished early, and was in the middle of stretching when I had a phone call from Jen because someone wants to adopt the kittens! She’s coming to meet them on Saturday and we shall see how that goes. I will be sad, but then I’ll get some new ones. 

I have done the stripes of the badger hat this evening, now I just have to attach them, and I think that’s going to be tricky. 

The 23rd of September. 

Another day, another clinic. Awake at half past seven, no time for coffee so I had to pick up some filth from Costa to wake me up lest I drop off in the waiting room. I read the whole paper, did the puzzles and had been trawling Twitter for entertainment when Ram called me in. There wasn’t much for him to do today, just wrote me a massive prescription so I don’t have to see him for two month. We took it to pharmacy and got a copy of heat to peruse while waiting. 

Went into town when we were finished to get facewipes and handcream because they are on offer and I have only one packet in the house. We got home at half one and I was starving so I had no doubt the kitties were too, so I fed them straight away before making my own lunch. I spent the rest of my afternoon doing more of the badger hat and watching stuff on the box. Not massively productive. 

I am very much looking forward to London, Lauren and Naomi tomorrow. Plus Timberyard which means crodough!

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