The 26th & 27th; Such an exciting life I lead.

September 29, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 26th of September. 

Today has been weirdly busy without me actually doing a great deal at all. I had a decent sleep (apart from an unpleasant dream about bugs) and spent my morning reading all the bits of the paper I deem interesting. I am very into the idea of making Ruby Tandoh’s pretzel rolls. 

I had my lunch, then wrote up four days of blog and worked on this crochet experiment until Jen came to go through cat paperwork before the potential adopters came.she arrived at the very busy time as we had an AA man and an RAC man here to look at the van we’ve rented to help Christine move tomorrow. It is missing a cap on the brake fluid reservoir and no one seems able to do anything because it’s not their responsibility. Daddy does seem to have got hold of someone now after five hours of people asking around who can locate a new van for us so there’s hope. It does mean he probably won’t be able to come out to see this thing in Centenary Square tonight which is a shame because he’s the one who really wanted to go. 

Anywho. Jen and I were going through the paperwork when the adopters arrived so I brought them through the chaos to the kittens. They were very inquisitive, sniffing everything and not running under the bed like I thought they might. Basically, after some talking and general questions, they decided they wanted the kittens, had brought a cat-carrier and they’re gone! Very sad. But I shall get some more to socialise (I’ve done a good job) when they’re ready!

Now to ice some cakes. 

The 27th of September.

Today definitely not busy at all. A day of just very fastidious work. Mommy and Daddy have been gone since before I woke up helping Christine move (I would have been no help whatsoever) so I’ve been alone in the house all day. 

What have I done with this freedom? I have crocheted. Oh, how I have crocheted. I was trying a beanie hat that is supposedly for an adult but I finished it this morning and it is way too fucking small for any full-sized human. That happened at about lunchtime, so after I ate, I went on Ravelry to hunt for different patterns and found one that I thought I could do. 

I had recorded The Gamechangers (hello, sexy bearded Daniel Radcliffe) so I watched that while I worked. I got a text from Becky at about quarter past two asking if I wanted to go and see the wedding photos which I very much did, so I put my wool down for a while and went over the road. When I arrived, Becky was lying on the living room floor because she has some sort of back injury, and we watched a slideshow of all the photos, plus all the ones from the photobooth. There are quite a few that I want copies of so I’ll have to go back over with a memory stick. I had a chat with Rocky and he seems so enormous compared to the kittens! Huge. 

I needed to come back to tablets, so I returned, had my hydrocortisone and continued crocheting until I finished the ball of wool. Now I’m perusing the internet for more and a metal 6mm crochet hook. Such an exciting life I lead. 

One response to The 26th & 27th; Such an exciting life I lead.


    Well done for doing such a good job with the ‘kitten taming’ 🙂

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