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The 28th of October. 

It has not been a great day. I definitely have Mommy’s cough so I just keep drinking which is the only thing that helps. It’s just a stupid tickly one, which is fine, I can cope with that. 

Came downstairs to find one or both of the kittens had thrown up and there was a poo on the chair, and they hadn’t really touched their food from last night. I rang Jen, and she said to starve then until about four o’clock, just give them water. We cleaned everything, and Jen actually came to see them this afternoon. She checked them for dehydration and was satisfied that they were okay. We feed them and they ate it, and I’ll feed them again this evening. 

For the rest of the day, they’ve been behaving completely normally, sitting on my lap and sleeping while I watched Dexter. We were having a lovely time until someone nearby decided it would be a good idea to set off some fireworks which scared the shit out of both sleeping kittens and resulted in Neve’s claw making a deep gouge in my arm which is currently seeping through the dressing. 

Fuck knows what we’ll do if we’ve still got them on Bonfire Night. 

The 29th of October. 

Still coughing, still constantly drinking water. I painted my nails this morning so stayed away from the kittens until after lunch because last time I did it, the smell freaked them out. 

This afternoon, I was watching Harry Potter with the kittens when I had a phone call from Sheila. A couple had been having a home visit this morning in regards to possibly adopting Neve. That had all gone fine, and they wondered if they could come and actually view them both right then, as they might want to have them together. I said that was fine, and an hour or so later, they arrived. They were very nice, younger than I expected but I think that’s just because the last couple were older. They loved Neve, thought she was so pretty, and I think they were also quite enchanted by how soft Nick is. They were certainly not averse to having both, and I’m just now waiting to see if they contact Sheila about wanting to arrange an adoption. They don’t want to take them until next week if they do, so I have a little more time with them. 

Tonight I’m off to see James Acaster, and I’m just hoping I’m able to control the cough enough so I don’t irritate the rest of the audience. 

The 26th of October. 

Helen’s funeral today. I woke up just after nine, did a blog post and sat with the kittens for a little bit before we had to get ready to go out. Alison came over briefly just before we left to drop off the spare keys, then she was off to see what the team working on the house wanted for their lunch. 

We ended up accidentally following the hearse into the crem, having just heard an Adele Live Lounge session on the way so by the time we arrived, we were already pretty emotional. We saw Orlando, Sarah, Nicky and a lot of other people from the hospital in the crowd. As we went in, Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles was playing, which was Helen’s ringtone, and I spotted on the wall the name George Harrison, but not that one. Her niece and best friend spoke, and I cried a lot. More than I expected to. She’s been there for us for the past eight years, teaching us all we know about the DWP and how to fill in the forms, always ready to ring up on our behalf if they were being difficult. But I wasn’t just a client, she knew my family and talked with us about more than just my condition. I think it’s just been such a shock – I know it sounds awful, but nowadays, when I lose someone, I usually know it’s going to happen. This was totally out of the blue. She was really special and utterly mad, and will leave an enormous hole in the lives of those she’s left behind. It was really good to come back to kitty hugs. 

The 27th of October. 

Argh I am trying really hard not to be ill. This morning was pretty normal, dressed for the gym and sat with the kittens, although this time I was careful to tuck the toggles of my hoodie inside so they weren’t chewed again. Neve was being particularly stupid at one point – she normally touches the water before she drinks it which is silly enough, but today she just stood with her foot firmly in the water while she drank. I can’t explain it. 

After lunch, I went to the gym, but I ended up completely cutting out all the floor work because I was coughing after every set I did. Then the water machine wasn’t working so I eked out the remaining bit I had left until I got home. 

This evening I’ve got a dry throat so I’m going to have Tyrozets and hope it’s fine and I’m just having a dodgy day. 

The 24th of October. 

Today I haven’t seen the kitties much at all. The majority of my morning was taken up with doing a blog post and reading the paper. I also got angry with the CineWorld booking system because it didn’t recognise my CEA card when trying to book for Suffragette this afternoon, so I had to buy two tickets (I normally get one free for being disabled) and tweeted angrily. They have got back to me and sent me some codes for some free tickets which I appreciate, and a second website to try my card on but that didn’t work either. Free tickets are nice, but I’d rather they fixed the system. 

After lunch, I spent an hour with the kittens before we went out, and Becky, Jonathan and Lorna came over to meet them. Jonathan had great fun playing with Neve while Nick watched, and when Becky and Lorna left to have lunch, he stayed until I needed to put my shoes on. 

The film was really good and the cinema surprisingly packed! I found the force-feeding scene hard to watch – it just reminded me of the months I spent having NG tubes inserted nearly every day, sometimes several times a day. Despite having given my consent, it was the worst thing about my time in hospital. At least I was in some sort of control.  

The 25th of October. 

Mommy is poorly so I’ve been banished to the kitty room all day. She’s very coughy so we’re trying to stay separate so I don’t catch it. This time last year I was on oxygen 24/7, not sleeping and sounding like Weezy from Toy Story. I’d rather not get sick this week – I’ve got James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe and I’d like to be able to laugh without it turning into a coughing fit.

So I’ve just hung out in the back room with the fluffies all day, binge-watching Harry Potter and Dexter. There’s not much else to say! I’ve been slept on all afternoon; they’re so much better than a hot water bottle.  





The 22nd of October. 

Family day out! Woke up with a start as someone yelled at me in a dream to get up as my alarm went off. Had breakfast and was able to squeeze in a blog post before we went out. Prior to picking up Grandma, we had to go to Jonathan’s school to drop off a letter he’d forgotten and needed today. Once we were all present, we set off to the Southbound Gloucester services. I said I wasn’t joking.

I left the group to go to the cashpoint and toilet, then looked for my family in the café until I got a text saying they were in the shop. However, they were only having a quick look so we were back in the café very quickly. I had some parsnip and rosemary soup and no pudding because I’d seen a Richard Bertinet cinnamon bun in the shop that I thought looked very tasty.

After lunch, we returned to the shop, where I went off by myself because it’s easier. I bought some green juice, Grumpy Mule coffee (ground and beans), a cat biscuit, a mug with a Pomeranian on, and a Fry’s Peppermint Cream (I haven’t seen one for ages and got very excited). When I was done, I went to find a seat because my back was killing me from walking (I don’t know why; it’s stupid), then bought a flat white for the drive home.

The kittens had obviously missed me today because I’ve had lots of hugs this afternoon, which was lovely except when they both decided to lie on one arm. Not comfortable. They’re so rude to each other too, they’ve always stepping on each other and just lying on the other one’s face.

The 23rd of October. 

I had a pretty bad night, some scary dream woke me and my heart was thumping. Thankfully, for once I can’t remember what happened.

Daddy asked me this morning if I had any plans but I didn’t, and so I’ve just had the kittens on my lap all day – mostly Nick, Neve was off under the bed doing god knows what. When they were both on me, they were excessively farty. They’re not as bad as Oscar’s were, but they’re a lot more frequent. I love the hugs but not the smell.

After lunch, Mommy and I watched the first episode of the new series of The Returned. It’s nice to see the return of Hot Simon but not so much Creepy Victor and his creepy drawings.

For the rest of the afternoon, I’ve had Nick lying on my right arm while I watched Dexter. That is all. I’m now trying to ignore the place where my HRT patch is pinching my skin. I should be glad that’s my only bother.

The 20th of October. 

This is going to be another short one because it’s been another kittens and Netflix day. Instead of Netflix and chill, I do Netflix and cat cuddles. I’ve had them both on my lap for most of the day while Daddy’s been out walking all the canals (he has the week off – other fun activities include a visit to the Gloucester service station and no I am not joking) and Mommy’s been ferrying Grandma places.

It’s probably not wise for me to get so attached to these kittens because they will have to go, and I’m sure we’ll get some more who will enjoy being fussed just as much, but I don’t care, I want to keep them. Very bad.  

I’m also really tired for no particular reason – I’ve been sleeping enough and not exactly busy so I haven’t worn myself out. I just want to have a little nap which isn’t going to happen because I’m not ill. 

The 21st of October. 

I tore myself away from the kittens today. I went in to see them this morning and they enjoyed trying to eat the zip and toggles of my hoodie, and Nick climbed up onto the back of the armchair to give my hair a good sniff. 

I had a chiropractor appointment at quarter past eleven, and on the way, we saw a car had driven through the fence and into the front garden of a house by the roundabout on Monmouth Drive, narrowly missing the street sign and rhododendron bush. There were a few crunches Trine needed to do, but not much else so we were on our way pretty quickly. 

We went into Sutton before going home, taking back some of Grandma’s jumpers to BHS, buying some eggs from Aldi where there was a very angry baby who had no shoes on, and we picked up an order from M&S and a birthday card from Paperchase. On the way home, the car we’d seen was being taken away. How it happened is a mystery. 

During lunch, we watched a new episode of Criminal Minds which was a little bit annoying because a man was murdering people by injecting their faces with nutritional supplement food, but we knew from experience that it’s impossible to get it through a needle that small. Bad research. 

This afternoon, I went to the gym and climbed the stairs again! Got all the things done that I wanted to do and saw the man who was on all my machines the other day get sniped so generally very pleasing!










The 18th of October. 

Ah, it’s been a day of waiting. This morning I blogged, then spent the rest of Sunday Brunch crocheting myself a slouchy beanie hat. I decided against more mittens last night so I made the brim then. I was about two-thirds of the way through when Becky came over and so I stopped and made her a cup of tea. She is a bit broken down the right hand side and is going on a residential school trip tomorrow, poor thing! Lots of ibuprofen for her. School is mad but at least she’s finished her Masters now. Still, more curriculum and assessment changes just mean even more work! She works so much, it’s insane. Just above and beyond. 

After she left, we had lunch, and watched a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds while I finished my hat. I’d not long seen up the top when Lynn arrived with Nick and Neve, who have gone under the bed and have barely come out since. Becky and Joyce came to see them but it was only very brief, then I had a phone call from Sheila seeing how we were getting on. Apparently they’ve had loads of interest in Nelly who’s just gone so Neve might not be with us long. I have managed to lure her out with some newspaper and we’ve had a little play. Just got to wait for them to trust me. 

The 19th of October.  

I think I love Neve and don’t want her to get adopted. I’ve spent all day in the back room letting the kittens get used to me, bar the hairwash I had upstairs. 

So yeah, that’s been my day. Sitting, watching Dexter on Netflix (I have two episodes of season 5 left so that’s happening tomorrow) and stroking the kittens when they come out from under the bed. They’re so weird – they come out, play, run around, eat, then go back under the bed. At one point, I was watching Dexter, and Neve just ran up and leapt onto my lap! She has sat on me a lot now and we are friends. Nick doesn’t mind being stroked, but he has yet to sit on my lap. Maybe he will, we shall see. 

The 16th of October. 

Definitely going to be a short one. I was woken up by Daddy shouting “MORNING KATHRYN!” as he and Mommy returned from taking the car for its MOT and service. Thrilled about that. 

This morning I wrote up a blog post, and while I was doing that, the postman delivered my wool for Luna’s presents, and since then, I have been going cross-eyed crocheting. I have made one thing, then I started on another pair of mittens for myself using a new pattern. However, in getting going, it was way too complicated and I just got lost. I might try it again one day, but for now, in going to use the wool to make another pair using the pattern I’ve used before, and try to add in some cabling or something. 

I was doing that until about five o’clock, then my eyes were getting tired. I might pick it up again after tea but for now, I’m going to have a wee rest. 

The 17th of October. 

Getting kittens tomorrow! Only two instead of four now. But I shall explain. This morning I read the paper while awaiting a delivery from ASOS of four pairs of jeans, as I currently only have two pairs that fit me somehow. I’m not quite sure how that’s happened. 

They came just after lunch, so I went to try them all on in the back room. I got so out of breath! Just getting in and out of clothes and I needed oxygen, for fuck’s sake. Bloody lung disease. I would have been no use at the gym today. I’m keeping one pair. 

Later, Daddy and I went to see Sicario. We were going to watch Crimson Peak, then I decided it would probably give me nightmares so this seemed safer. It was, although I think I expected slightly more ass-kicking from Emily Blunt. It’s definitely more education than entertainment. 

During the film, I got a text from Lynn, saying she’d bring the kittens some time after six. However, having just taken my first forkful of dinner, my phone rang. Nelly got homed today, and Noah is going tomorrow, so she thought it would be mean to make him spend the night alone. Which is fine, I don’t want to upset any of them. And I think it’s less stressful for us too. So all is good!