The 4th & 5th; I feel like my breathing is getting worse.

October 6, 2015 — 2 Comments

The 4th of October. 

Several really weird dreams last night, involving prostitutes, hair dye, TV shows and cats. Not all in the same dream. 

This morning, I spent the entirety of Sunday Brunch typing up four days’ worth of blog, some of which were rather long, and uploading about 35 pictures which takes ages on the iPad. I haven’t published them yet because I talked about Christine’s presents which she hasn’t opened them. I also painted my nails, so clearly a very productive morning. 

Grandma came for lunch (good thing too as she can’t come next weekend because we’re getting more kittens on Saturday). Mommy made sirloin of beef and it was very pink which is my favourite, then we ended up watching the NFL. I did not fancy this so I left the table at that point. 

For the rest of the afternoon, I have been watching things on the box and having a go at crocheting a mitten. I only had enough wool to make a small one, but it went rather well; the only difficult bit was the cuff, but I can modify that. 

The 5th of September. 

Ugh, I have just muted the news because George Osborne is giving himself a massive pat on the back for all this “governing for the many” that the Tories are supposedly doing. God how I’d love to question him and Cameron but they’d never answer the questions asked so what would be the point?

Anywho. This morning I had a long chat with Sheila from CPS about something for her to put on the website about me I was having to explain all my issues and she was dismayed by how young I am. Yep. I was searching the internet last night for any treatment that might be being researched for lung GvHD/bronchiolitis obliterans but there isn’t. It also seems that there’s a high risk of it happening after a lung transplant anyway so even that might not fix me. I feel like my breathing is getting worse. I planned on going to the gym today but I got out of breath just making my lunch so I didn’t think I’d cope well trying to work out. 

Christine FaceTimed me during her lunch break because her presents had arrived, so I could see her open them. She was very pleased with her sweets (Roses Strawberry Dreams) and hats. She tried them both on they fit her giant head so a great success! For the rest of the afternoon, I have been crocheting a pair of adult-size mittens. Very productive. 

2 responses to The 4th & 5th; I feel like my breathing is getting worse.


    What’s the cake? I’m doing mittens at the moment too. Sorry to hear you’re feeling crappy x

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