The 18th & 19th; I think I love Neve.

October 20, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 18th of October. 

Ah, it’s been a day of waiting. This morning I blogged, then spent the rest of Sunday Brunch crocheting myself a slouchy beanie hat. I decided against more mittens last night so I made the brim then. I was about two-thirds of the way through when Becky came over and so I stopped and made her a cup of tea. She is a bit broken down the right hand side and is going on a residential school trip tomorrow, poor thing! Lots of ibuprofen for her. School is mad but at least she’s finished her Masters now. Still, more curriculum and assessment changes just mean even more work! She works so much, it’s insane. Just above and beyond. 

After she left, we had lunch, and watched a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds while I finished my hat. I’d not long seen up the top when Lynn arrived with Nick and Neve, who have gone under the bed and have barely come out since. Becky and Joyce came to see them but it was only very brief, then I had a phone call from Sheila seeing how we were getting on. Apparently they’ve had loads of interest in Nelly who’s just gone so Neve might not be with us long. I have managed to lure her out with some newspaper and we’ve had a little play. Just got to wait for them to trust me. 

The 19th of October.  

I think I love Neve and don’t want her to get adopted. I’ve spent all day in the back room letting the kittens get used to me, bar the hairwash I had upstairs. 

So yeah, that’s been my day. Sitting, watching Dexter on Netflix (I have two episodes of season 5 left so that’s happening tomorrow) and stroking the kittens when they come out from under the bed. They’re so weird – they come out, play, run around, eat, then go back under the bed. At one point, I was watching Dexter, and Neve just ran up and leapt onto my lap! She has sat on me a lot now and we are friends. Nick doesn’t mind being stroked, but he has yet to sit on my lap. Maybe he will, we shall see. 

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