The 22nd & 23rd; Family day out!

October 24, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 22nd of October. 

Family day out! Woke up with a start as someone yelled at me in a dream to get up as my alarm went off. Had breakfast and was able to squeeze in a blog post before we went out. Prior to picking up Grandma, we had to go to Jonathan’s school to drop off a letter he’d forgotten and needed today. Once we were all present, we set off to the Southbound Gloucester services. I said I wasn’t joking.

I left the group to go to the cashpoint and toilet, then looked for my family in the café until I got a text saying they were in the shop. However, they were only having a quick look so we were back in the café very quickly. I had some parsnip and rosemary soup and no pudding because I’d seen a Richard Bertinet cinnamon bun in the shop that I thought looked very tasty.

After lunch, we returned to the shop, where I went off by myself because it’s easier. I bought some green juice, Grumpy Mule coffee (ground and beans), a cat biscuit, a mug with a Pomeranian on, and a Fry’s Peppermint Cream (I haven’t seen one for ages and got very excited). When I was done, I went to find a seat because my back was killing me from walking (I don’t know why; it’s stupid), then bought a flat white for the drive home.

The kittens had obviously missed me today because I’ve had lots of hugs this afternoon, which was lovely except when they both decided to lie on one arm. Not comfortable. They’re so rude to each other too, they’ve always stepping on each other and just lying on the other one’s face.

The 23rd of October. 

I had a pretty bad night, some scary dream woke me and my heart was thumping. Thankfully, for once I can’t remember what happened.

Daddy asked me this morning if I had any plans but I didn’t, and so I’ve just had the kittens on my lap all day – mostly Nick, Neve was off under the bed doing god knows what. When they were both on me, they were excessively farty. They’re not as bad as Oscar’s were, but they’re a lot more frequent. I love the hugs but not the smell.

After lunch, Mommy and I watched the first episode of the new series of The Returned. It’s nice to see the return of Hot Simon but not so much Creepy Victor and his creepy drawings.

For the rest of the afternoon, I’ve had Nick lying on my right arm while I watched Dexter. That is all. I’m now trying to ignore the place where my HRT patch is pinching my skin. I should be glad that’s my only bother.

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