The 24th & 25th; Despite having given my consent, it was the worst thing about my time in hospital.

October 26, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 24th of October. 

Today I haven’t seen the kitties much at all. The majority of my morning was taken up with doing a blog post and reading the paper. I also got angry with the CineWorld booking system because it didn’t recognise my CEA card when trying to book for Suffragette this afternoon, so I had to buy two tickets (I normally get one free for being disabled) and tweeted angrily. They have got back to me and sent me some codes for some free tickets which I appreciate, and a second website to try my card on but that didn’t work either. Free tickets are nice, but I’d rather they fixed the system. 

After lunch, I spent an hour with the kittens before we went out, and Becky, Jonathan and Lorna came over to meet them. Jonathan had great fun playing with Neve while Nick watched, and when Becky and Lorna left to have lunch, he stayed until I needed to put my shoes on. 

The film was really good and the cinema surprisingly packed! I found the force-feeding scene hard to watch – it just reminded me of the months I spent having NG tubes inserted nearly every day, sometimes several times a day. Despite having given my consent, it was the worst thing about my time in hospital. At least I was in some sort of control.  

The 25th of October. 

Mommy is poorly so I’ve been banished to the kitty room all day. She’s very coughy so we’re trying to stay separate so I don’t catch it. This time last year I was on oxygen 24/7, not sleeping and sounding like Weezy from Toy Story. I’d rather not get sick this week – I’ve got James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe and I’d like to be able to laugh without it turning into a coughing fit.

So I’ve just hung out in the back room with the fluffies all day, binge-watching Harry Potter and Dexter. There’s not much else to say! I’ve been slept on all afternoon; they’re so much better than a hot water bottle.  





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