The 26th & 27th; I cried a lot.

October 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 26th of October. 

Helen’s funeral today. I woke up just after nine, did a blog post and sat with the kittens for a little bit before we had to get ready to go out. Alison came over briefly just before we left to drop off the spare keys, then she was off to see what the team working on the house wanted for their lunch. 

We ended up accidentally following the hearse into the crem, having just heard an Adele Live Lounge session on the way so by the time we arrived, we were already pretty emotional. We saw Orlando, Sarah, Nicky and a lot of other people from the hospital in the crowd. As we went in, Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles was playing, which was Helen’s ringtone, and I spotted on the wall the name George Harrison, but not that one. Her niece and best friend spoke, and I cried a lot. More than I expected to. She’s been there for us for the past eight years, teaching us all we know about the DWP and how to fill in the forms, always ready to ring up on our behalf if they were being difficult. But I wasn’t just a client, she knew my family and talked with us about more than just my condition. I think it’s just been such a shock – I know it sounds awful, but nowadays, when I lose someone, I usually know it’s going to happen. This was totally out of the blue. She was really special and utterly mad, and will leave an enormous hole in the lives of those she’s left behind. It was really good to come back to kitty hugs. 

The 27th of October. 

Argh I am trying really hard not to be ill. This morning was pretty normal, dressed for the gym and sat with the kittens, although this time I was careful to tuck the toggles of my hoodie inside so they weren’t chewed again. Neve was being particularly stupid at one point – she normally touches the water before she drinks it which is silly enough, but today she just stood with her foot firmly in the water while she drank. I can’t explain it. 

After lunch, I went to the gym, but I ended up completely cutting out all the floor work because I was coughing after every set I did. Then the water machine wasn’t working so I eked out the remaining bit I had left until I got home. 

This evening I’ve got a dry throat so I’m going to have Tyrozets and hope it’s fine and I’m just having a dodgy day. 

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