The 30th & 31st; I do not love Halloween.

November 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 30th of October.  

A rather bland sort of day. I didn’t have a very good night after James Acaster, the cough was just too near the surface for me to sleep properly. 

This morning, I did a blog post and learned that some people who watch daytime tv have already got their Christmas trees/lights up and I think they are mental. I love Christmas more than most but putting one’s tree up now means it’s boring by the time the actual day comes. 

After lunch, having said all this, we went into Birmingham to pick up my advent calendar and a chocolate pumpkin from Hotel Chocolat. The calendar is going up to my bedroom until December. Mommy went to Primark to return some jumpers, and I wove my way through the masses to go to Benefit to buy some Watts Up! highlighter. It was so busy, it was horrific. I will not be returning to the Bullring on a weekend or holiday ever again. 

Having returned, I went and watched Into The Woods with the kittens. I am very sleepy – I should’ve had a coffee after lunch but there wasn’t time, so I’ll have to prop myself up until the end of Have I Got News For You.

The 31st of October. 

Oh I do not love Halloween. It was just the start of a very difficult time seven years ago and I don’t really have many great memories of it. 

I had a better sleep, assisted by a Zopiclone, and then had a very traditional Saturday morning watching James Martin and reading the paper. I had some very brief kitten hugs after lunch, but that’s pretty much all I’ve seen of them until now. Neve keeps climbing up my right side and down my left so she catches my neck with her claw. Speaking of kitty-inflicted wounds, we’ve decided to take the dressing off my arm because it really needed to dry out. It looks less gross now. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I used my free CineWorld tickets to see Spectre. They have the slowest wheelchair lift in the world – if someone could invent a quicker one, I’d be grateful. The film was what one expects of a Bond, lots of gratuitous sex and violence, good wins out in the end. My favourite part was Ben Whishaw in the cable car. I love a man in a good sweater. 

Got back to see youths wandering down the street. Thankfully they haven’t been at our door, just some very cute little girls. I think I’ll be eating Haribo and Maoams for weeks. 

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