The 1st & 2nd; Worth the wait.

November 3, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 1st of November. 

Hate days when I’m just waiting for the evening because I clock-watch which just makes the day seem longer. This morning I was covered in cats, at one point having to almost dump them on the floor to answer the door, just hoping whoever was there wouldn’t give up and walk away. 

Washed my hair before lunch, then afterwards, I just watched stuff on the TiVo box while I waited for it to be time to go and see Josh and Suzi. 

Mommy and Daddy dropped me off and they went to PureCraft while I went to the Town Hall’s stage door. When I explained who I was to the security guard, he looked at me like I was a stalker, but then Josh appeared and it was all fine. We just hung out in the dressing room with Suzi (Ruffell) and his tour manager who I think was called Tom but I might have made that up [EDIT: he’s called Ben, I am terrible at names]. I had a cup of tea and Josh was so jet-lagged, he poured coffee into his. We found a shortcut for me to get up to my seat without going the long way round at about ten to right, and we had a quick photo to cement Suzi’s joining of my cool gang of comedy pals.

The gig itself was such fun – Suzi is so good and I’ve not seen her stand up so I’m really hoping I can see her again, and Josh was excellent, as I expected. There was some material that I recalled from when he came to our house with the others, and I was in absolute hysterics over a bit about naan bread and his FunFax. I remember those well. Such a lovely few hours and worth the wait. 

The 2nd of November.

A day of hospital jollies. I did not want to get up when my alarm went off but I had places to be. The QE car park was insanely busy for half past ten so we ended up far away on the top floor, but thankfully we were early enough for it not to matter. I had thrombosis clinic with Dr. Gill who looked after me at BCH to find out if I can stop doing clexane injections like I have everyday for nearly a year. We’re going to give it a try and keep an eye on my leg to see if it swells up or not. Hopefully it stays the same and I don’t have to worry about bleeding anymore. We also talked about Myles Bradbury because she was at BCH with him and she’s the only doctor we still see from that time. She hadn’t been able to believe it when the news broke, that she’d worked and socialised with a man we now know to be a paedophile. It’s crazy. 

We had an hour until I was supposed to have my blood test and kidney ultrasound, but I went to have blood test early so we could then have lunch before my scan. While I was queuing for the just and eating at Costa, we were questioned by two separate people about my wheelchair because it’s so nifty. CareCo ought to give me some sort of commission. The scan was fairly average, I discovered that my right kidney has migrated round my back to join the left one. Everything looked normal, and we were swiftly on our way. 

We had a quick trip to Birmingham where I got The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker from Foyles, some underwear from John Lewis which they wrapped in tissue paper, and some white hot chocolate from Whittard before coming home to feed the oh-so-hungry kittens. 

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