The 11th & 12th; Just coughing and covered in cats.

November 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 11th of November. 

My life is very unexciting while I am poorly. I had another decent sleep which was delicious, and I spent my morning writing a blog post and crocheting. Definitely going to need more wool which is annoying but HO HUM what can one do? Some more is on its way. I finished the section I was working on just after lunch, and went to watch some more Dexter with the kittens. 

I am very much just powering through this last series. I suppose while I can’t go to the gym and am not doing anything else, it is acceptable. I’m already over halfway through. If I weren’t watching it with the kittens, I’d be crocheting at the same time, but I think it somehow unwise to bring balls of wool and kitties together. It’s a little bit worrying though, when a message comes up on the screen asking if I’m still there after the fourth episode has begun. Yep still here, just coughing and covered in cats. 

The 12th of November. 

Well today I have at least done things so it’s been slightly more interesting. This morning I was at the chiro for some back-crunching. I mentioned the pain is had in my lower back when I’ve walked/stood for too long, and she found some stiffness there, but I think I might need an MRI just to check that the osteoporosis in my hips hasn’t spread. 

I had ordered a couple of jumpers from House of Fraser in a small and extra-small, but when I got them both out, they were exactly the same. After the chiro, we went into Sutton to take back one of the jumpers and see if we could compare it to one in store. I held up the XS I’d got against the one in store and mine was bigger! So I exchanged jumpers and had the right-sized one, but I still had the small at home which I needed to return. 

I had planned to wear said jumper with a skirt that I’d ordered from Oasis, but having tried it on, it was wrong, it wasn’t fitted enough, so I needed to return that too. I had an Old Hallfieldians Society meeting and the AGM at half five, so we went into Birmingham early so the jumper and skirt could be returned before the meeting, and I have more skirts to try coming from ASOS tomorrow.

The meeting was quite fun tonight, I love hearing about the old days at Hallfield from the other guys, and the Headmaster’s report is always a joy. This year we learned that 25 of the Year Six pupils got 33 scholarships between them which is amazing, and they’re going to start teaching the children Junior Bridge and Go, to go alongside their chess skills. Such fun. 

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