The 27th & 28th; So much fun with Nish last night.

November 29, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 27th of November. 

I had so much fun with Nish last night. We arrived at the same time so climbed the stairs together to his dressing room to hang out. He had to do a quick tech thing, but then we just talked about stuff, not much about Jon Ronson which was the original plan, more about Louis Theroux, Meryl Streep and Harry Shearer. I ducked into the studio just before he was supposed to start, sitting in the nearest seat which was at the end of the front row. At the other end were several members of his family, and between us there were three young women who were pretty drunk. They were quite lively during the first half but moved in the interval which I think we wise. I loved the show, as I expected to, and we will definitely get together again when we can.

Today I have been totally wiped. A long day yesterday with a bad sleep before, I am really looking forward to my bed tonight. Mommy and I finally watched The Bridge from Saturday and it was just as good as ever. I love Saga. I do not love Lise, although I think she is kind of right in the way she’s dealing with her daughter’s school. 

I have had to wear a shawl over my jumper when in with Nick today because he kept trying to eat the bells on it. Such a daft kitty. 

The 28th of November. 

Having been so exhausted yesterday, it took me hours to fall asleep which was incredibly frustrating. I heaved myself out of bed at half past nine and had a not massively productive morning, just a blog post before going to watch I’m A Celebrity with Nick. He was being suitably mental, attacking my jumper and chasing the newspapers. 

After lunch, I read the paper, was excellent at the sudoku. The rest of my afternoon has been crocheting and I’ve now made all the bits of Christmas presents, now they just need assembling. One part was particularly tricky, but I found a video to help me so now it’s all done!I think I just need to get one more present for Mommy, then it will be done. 

I haven’t even really looked at wrapping paper yet, and that is very important. Always got to come up with a new theme!

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    Love Nick’s facial expression 😊

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