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2015 has been pretty fucking fantastic, overall. The beginning and past few days have not been ideal, but other than that, so many great memories! The crazy Valentine’s Day, when Josie, Josh, Joe, Tom, Romesh and Mat all came to visit, coming off steroids, Lyme Regis, the Comedy Gala with Aisling, Katherine, Sara etc, meeting Dawn O’Porter by chance, going to see Heidi, The Hand and Flowers and meeting Tom Kerridge, getting my electric wheelchair, going to The News Quiz and meeting Sandi, hanging out with Elle, Ben and Luna, Hallfield Day with Thor the raccoon, Padstow, Becky and James’ wedding, meeting Yaser Martini at Tom’s Kitchen, getting kittens, visiting Naomi and seeing Curious Incident, Duck and Waffle, my autumn of comedy and hanging out with Suzi, Josh, Joe and Nish, Death Cab, Christmas, now here we are!

I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful twelve months and I am indebted to all those who made it possible. 2016 is going to have to be really incredibly astounding to beat it but let’s give it a go! I hope it’s just as good to all of you. Be kind to one another and yourselves.

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The 27th of December. 

Oh, good, I think I’ve been infected with Taid’s cough. I’ve certainly been phlegming all day long. I brought some up to check the colour but it’s white so it’s just a virus. 

This morning I blogged, and I’ve tried to crochet but it’s hard to do anything for long when I’m hurled forward every thirty seconds by my lungs. The only respite comes when I curl up into a ball on the floor. I don’t know why it helps, it’s just instinctive. It’s where I need to be. 

Dan was supposed to be coming round but we rescheduled for tomorrow because Warren roped him into building a cabinet. Daddy took Taid out for a drive to show him all the places he used to frequent when he lived here. 

I am just sad because now I am screwed for at least a month. My back kills from the coughing, and this will now be relentless. My birthday will be ruined. Looking forward to that. 

Zopiclone tonight, methinks. 

The 28th of December. 

Definitely full of disease. I had an extra pillow last night plus two Zopiclone and managed to fall asleep without too much issue. This wasn’t so helpful when it came to waking up – the combination of double Zopiclone and being poorly meant that getting out of bed and dressed as a huge amount of effort. Stupid lungs. 

I have been trying to move as little as possible all day, because sometimes I find a position in which I do not cough, so I stay there until movement is absolutely necessary. I did get up to answer the door to Dan when he came, and we watched The Lego Movie and part of Babe. Chatted about my kitten fostering and how his parents are redecorating the entire house. It is so nice to be able to farm back into old rhythms with old friends, like no time has passed at all. 

He was summoned home by his mum needing “a big bag of digestive biscuits”, I am theorising for a cheesecake. Once he’d gone, I was back on the floor in my front to suppress the cough again. I barely stopped while he was here. It’s not a tickly one, it’s the sort where my chest rattles like maracas of death. Big fun. 

The 25th of December. 

Merry Christmas! Not the best of starts – I woke up at 5 to 5 and tossed and turned but couldn’t get back to sleep, so Christine came in with stockings at about half eight. I got a little snowman that you make with chemicals, hand cream, tiny Lindt Santas and bears, nail varnish, a mini Hotel Chocolat slab and a pencil. Then Christmas breakfast! Game pie, meats, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, breadbuns, just all the foods! Best breakfast of the year. 

Went back upstairs to get all dressed up in my sparkly Christmas attire, and spent a long time trying to get a good photo that didn’t show all the mess currently inhabiting my bedroom. Mommy and Daddy went to get Grandma, and by noon we were in our usual positions, champagne in hand, ready for me to dole out the presents. They weren’t very evenly distributed so I could find loads for Daddy and Christine but none for me! It turned out all of mine had been hidden round the back of the tree and I had to crawl underneath to find them. I did then get to open them all at once which was lots of fun. I got The Crochet Bible by Jane Crowfoot, lots of wool and three birch hooks, an amigurumi book, Buck’s Fizz marmalade, a star-shaped skillet and cookie mix, The Little Prince moleskine diary, Rob Ryan calendar, a huggable microwaveable pug, a red Acme cappuccino cup and saucer, Christmas London Starbucks mug, fudge, biscuits, chocolate, a felting kit, Pandora stocking charm, Chanel Troublante nail varnish, candy cane earrings, gloves made of mohair, possum fur and silk, the new Michael McIntyre DVD, thermally socks and gloves…I think that’s it? By the time we’d got through all of them, it was nearly time for turkey! We had a whole one this year because we couldn’t get hold of a crown, and apart from a slightly too peppery stuffing, it was a great success!

Afterwards, Taid fell asleep in the living room right away and snored all the way through the end of Brave, Stick Man and Doctor Who. We had to keep turning it up to hear it over him. The Easts came over at the start of Strictly, and we swapped gifts and heard how their radiator had started leaking while they were out at church this morning, but luckily not for long so there wasn’t much damage. Grandma went back home not long after they did, Taid went back to his room to watch Downton, and we had Christmas cake and watched lots of the comedy we’d recorded over the past week. 

My favourite part is still reactions. Everyone was happy – I did well this year. Best day. 

The 26th of December. 

I had a much better sleep last night – I didn’t want to get up when my alarm went off. I gave myself ten more minutes but then I forced myself out of bed. I bit my tongue yesterday so hard it bled, so it was very tender this morning. I decided porridge would be a safe breakfast, then spent the rest of my morning writing about yesterday, as I didn’t really have time then. 

I’ve been up and down the stairs all day because Daddy’s needed me for laptop japes. He bought Mommy and new-but-used one for Christmas and he was migrating stuff before erasing everything on the old one. The most important thing was the keychain, and I wanted to do it manually, but then we thought that just migrating the apps would work. It turns out it hasn’t, all of Mommy’s keychain is gone and I feel like I’ve ruined everything because I should’ve done it the way I wanted to in the first place. 

We had a ham for lunch, plus hasselback potatoes, mashed swede and red cabbage, and tonight is essentially Christmas breakfast for dinner. Mommy and I have finally watched the final episode of The Bridge and I do not like how it’s ended but there’s naught to be done about that. Taid has been watching and he likes Linn, which makes me think he is a terrible judge of character. She was a dreadful person. 

The 23rd of December. 

I have checked my potassium today and it’s down to 5 (we like it to be 5.5 or less and it had gone up to 6) so I’m going to stop taking the diuretic. I woke up to pee at quarter to six and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I am very glad to not have to deal with that anymore. To pass the time, I listened to the second episode of Serial and had a go at crocheting a snowflake. 

I hadn’t planned on having any breakfast until Lauren arrived because we were making waffles for brunch, but I was up so early, I had some toast (which I ate alone in the house, a very dangerous thing, but I didn’t choke) and did a blog post. I made some coffee using the spiced blend I bought from Harrods, but with milk, it tastes awful. Thankfully, I had more beans in the window seat so I got the caffeine I needed. 

Lauren arrived just before eleven and we exchanged gifts. She got me fancy hair stuff, eye primer, nail varnish (a very festive green) and tiddly chocolate penguins. She liked her badges and crocheted gingerbread man a lot. Then we made waffles and watched the Bill Murray Christmas show on Netflix which was disappointing. Nevermind, the waffles were tasty. 

She left at half one, and Penny was supposed to be coming over this afternoon but she never showed up. I’m sure she has a perfectly good reason but it is a mystery. I have filled my time watching all the films on tv, and I iced some cupcakes. Went slightly overboard on the glitter but that can’t be helped now. They are just very sparkly!

The 24th of December. 

The fire is roaring, Carols from King’s is on and I am full of Christmas spirit. 

I woke up at a reasonable time this morning and put on a glittery jumper and penguin earrings that I was given for the liver transplant Christmas. Not going anywhere, but it’s nice to dress for an occasion. 

I have had no jobs to do today, unlike everyone else – Daddy had to go to Wales to pick up Taid, Mommy and Christine had wrapping to do, plus other bits of pieces like moving the hamster and finding temporary homes for things that were in the way. I have just stayed in the armchair, watching the films that have been on tv all day. To begin why, I was doing nothing but sitting and this felt rather unproductive (not to mention boring), so I went upstairs and got the wool that Sheila gave me to make baby blankets with, and have been working on one of those all day. I’ve done twenty two rows of a 115 stitch blanket which will be roughly thirty square inches. 

My viewing has been Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Horton Hears A Who!, Sister Act 2, A Christmas Carol, then we fitted in a sneaky episode of The Bridge, then the end of Finding Nemo, now Carols. My brain is sufficiently mushy. 

We lit the fire at five, and moments later, Daddy returned with Taid. He’s now sat in the other armchair and he’s eating the nuts from the table. That’s fine, I don’t eat them so I will not be picking up his germs.

The 21st of December.

Today is seven years since my liver transplant. Still so grateful for the gift my donor’s family gave me; without them, I wouldn’t have seen that Christmas, let alone this one. I got a reindeer charm because the hospital had a reindeer for the children to see but I couldn’t even get out of bed. I think that was my hardest year. Unable to eat, drink or even move independently. It’s been a long journey to get here. 

Nick went to his new home this morning! We thought they were coming at half ten but I wasn’t sure, so when they arrived at eleven, I don’t know if they were late but it didn’t matter. I went through the boring paperwork with the mum in the living room, while Mommy took the daughter through to Nick – the father and son stayed in the car because he didn’t feel great. When we got Nick into the cat basket, he got really stressed and was very claw-y. I couldn’t bear it. After they’d left, I had a bit of a cry. I’ve had some updates and he sounds like he’s going to be okay though, so I feel better about it now. 

This afternoon I have been very busily crocheting and watching Miracle on 34th Street, then Shrek 2. Mommy fetched Christine from the station so now we are all here! Daddy’s going to have to go and get Taid from Wales on Christmas Eve because he’s too weak to get the train by himself after being poorly, and I will be keeping a safe distance so I don’t catch his bugs. 

The 22nd of December. 

I had a horrible dream last night that someone was going to throw me over a fence into a sea of barracudas and dead cats. I was very pleased to wake from that. 

I haven’t been able to wear any eye make up today because my left eye has been really sore and I can’t work out why. I think it might be my new ointment – the QE pharmacy have changed brand – so we’re going to leave that off tonight and see what happens. 

Had a trip to hospital early afternoon to have my potassium checked. There was a palaver when I arrived because they didn’t have any forms or stickers for me, but then Maureen appeared with all the necessary bits and pieces and we were away! In and out in fifteen minutes. 

Had a brief period at home before having to go back out to Black Sheep to have my hair brightened up. After it was done, I wasn’t happy, because I’d misunderstood what James could do with just toner, so he did a full colour and I was much happier. I was there much longer than I originally anticipated, but it was worth it. 

Now, to paint my nails for the third time today. I keep messing them up!

The 19th of December. 

I am quite pooped from all the Christmasifying. It feels like I have been doing jobs all day. All for a good reason though, so I don’t mind at all. 

During Sunday Brunch I tidied all the area around my armchair in the living room (I tend to spread myself around). I was then supposed to sort out my wool and the remaining snowball hat, but Mommy went out so Daddy and I ended up in a rather long conversation about her presents, and before we knew it, it was lunchtime!

Cheese on toast, then I made up the last large snowball hat. I had to invent a pattern because I didn’t like the one supplied; it looked ridiculous. I did it as fast as I could but it still took me a good hour and a half. Daddy out the lights on the tree (after great discussion about which ones we had last year), and I put Elf on and set about decorating. The tree is my domain. Memories of the years I’ve felt lucky to have – a Disneyland bauble, Harrods and Liberty ones, my little yeti man with his special arm that I bought in November. Now I’ve just got to add my presents underneath.

And today is the eighth anniversary of my first stem cell transplant. I think I’ve run out of words to describe how incredible I find it that I’m still here. It feels like another lifetime. I spent that Christmas in an HDU cubicle. I woke up alone. All my presents had to be alco-wiped, and I remember Mommy and Christine sneaking in a Dairy Milk Buttons ice cream that I wasn’t supposed to have because of the “clean diet”.

Happy Marrowversary to me!

The 20th of December.

Oh I feel so festive. A day of total joy. Becky and I started the day at The Electric Cinema, ready to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol in our Christmas jumpers and sing along. Before it got started, there was a game of the pass the parcel and we won one! An R2-D2 book of cardboard cut-outs that you put together, and the Spongebob DVD. I also got some colouring pencils which might come in handy, you never know. There was a short film before the main event, of various comedians and actors singing to It Feels Like Christmas, and it was lovely. 

There is not much to say about the actual singing apart from that everyone took part with great gusto and we left full of cheer, ready to spread the word about peace and to keep love alive. 

Becky popped in to say bye to Nick, and I gave her the small snowballs for Jonathan and the Christmas card for her and James. After lunch, I watched Rise of the Guardians which is delightful; I love the Sandman. I’d brought my presents downstairs so I’ve arranged them under the tree, then I went to see Nick for a bit. We were having a perfectly nice time, catching up on Jekyll and Hyde, until he decided to do the most appalling, sulfurous fart, I was forced to leave. 

Tonight, The Sound of Music! I can’t imagine I’ll fit much tea in – I had some chocolate buttons this morning which have been abnormally filling? Even after I didn’t finish my breakfast bagel having choked on it (again). 


The 17th of December. 

Good things and bad things about today. I woke up from a dream I was in the worst wedding ever, it was very stressful and everyone was shooting at each other. I was pleased to find myself in my bedroom. 

I did a blog post before my chiro appointment, and it turns out I was definitely right to go. The left side of my neck needed sorting, and I hadn’t just aggravated my rib, I’d dislodged it. Extreme coughing in my part. It wasn’t going to sort itself out. Thank you, person who cancelled.

We need a game pie for Christmas, and have had no luck in finding one so far. We found out that Waitrose do one (supposedly), so we went to the one in Mere Green. No pies there. They suggested we try the Lichfield shop which is massive, but they didn’t have one either! I don’t know why I’m so stressed about it because I don’t even eat it, but it’s a traditional part of our Christmas breakfast and it’s irrationally important to me. 

This afternoon, I spent some time trying to teach Jonathan to crochet, then he suddenly discovered he had to be back at school in ten minutes, so Mommy drove him. I made three snowball hats which were frustrating because the patterns are written terribly, so I had to work a lot of it out for myself, not helpful. 

I also found out that my TCT group had their Christmas party last night which I was not invited to. So that feels good. 

The 18th of December. 

I am not a fan of this diuretic Dr. Hewins has put me on. I was up twice in the night and I went to the bathroom before Star Wars but had to go again at the end anyway. Bloody tablets. I am not having them over Christmas. 

This morning was fairly unproductive – painted my nails in Rouge Rubis and knocked up a snowball for Jonathan while watching Philip and Holly in their Christmas jumpers. 

After lunch, I made a hat for one of the large snowballs which was repetitive to say the least, but never mind. Just one more to go! I’d not long finished when it was time for Daddy and I to go to the cinema for Star Wars!

It was ridiculous in a very enjoyable way. I am sure I missed lots of references because I haven’t really seem any of the other films. I won’t say too much in case of spoilers but I liked BB-8 going down the stairs and Oscar Isaac’s beautiful face. I texted Christine after and she wants to see it again when she’s home. 

On the way back, we drove around some of the streets near our house to look at their lights. Decorating the house tomorrow!