The 9th & 10th; I was able to shower and dress without totally exhausting myself.

December 11, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 9th of December. 

My leg failed to cooperate again last night so it took me ages to get to sleep again. I thought having it up in the air might help drain some of the fluid, but that didn’t work. I learned a lot about General Relativity, but was no closer to sleep. I do hope tonight is different. 

I have been crocheting nearly all day to get this snood done. I wrote up a blog post, then worked basically solidly until three o’clock, save for a break for lunch and a kitty visit to assure him that I wasn’t ignoring him. He jumped on my tummy and gave my face a rub with his. It’s going to be impossible to convince any potential adopters of this because he just hides under the bed when new people come. 

I had renal clinic at four and it wasn’t running too late today – I think Dr. Hewins called me in at about 4.40? It was really quiet. My pulse rate alarmed them at 139 but it was just because I’d walked from the toilet to the chair, then to the blood pressure room. Forever having to convince people that it’s normal and I’ll be fine in a minute. 

On the way home, the news was really depressing so I put The Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack on and had a much jollier time. I am very much looking forward to the sing-a-long screening at The Electric with Becky. 

The 10th of December. 

My leg was fine last night – didn’t help me fall asleep though, it still took over an hour. Oh well. 

This morning, I had a shower upstairs. I wouldn’t normally mention it as cleansing oneself is such a routine activity for most people, but this is different. To be clean, I have had to use the shower chair downstairs having brought extra towels and clothes down with me, or wash upstairs with a flannel, neither of which is ideal. I got sick of it, so ordered a small stool that fits in the upstairs shower, and today I was able to shower and dress without totally exhausting myself and it’s such a relief, you can’t even imagine. 

This afternoon, we went into town for a mission. I found gift tags that match my wrapping so I got those, a Chanel nail varnish for myself (Vert Obscure), and some eyeliner from Urban Decay while Mommy did some of her own shopping. We didn’t need anything else, so got out before town became too bustly. I am pleased to report nobody fell on me today. I also did really well at putting up and collapsing my wheelchair – I might just need help if it needs lifting anywhere. 

Since getting home, I have been giving Nick some attention as I’ve not given him much for a few days and I feel bad. 

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