The 11th & 12th; We want to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence.

December 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 11th of December. 

Bad night again. I don’t know what’s going on with my body but it doesn’t want me to fall asleep. I’m just about coping, but if it goes on much longer, I’ll need a Zopiclone day. 

This morning I did a blog post, then spent the rest of the day crocheting a hat with wool from the NEC. I said I would get these projects done! Just got the mittens left to make. 

At three, Daddy drove me into town so I could meet Suzi after her matinee Christmas show at the Glee. The easiest place for us to go was Starbucks in Selfridges, so we had festive beverages and a lovely chat. I outlined the life story in brief, she told me her proposal story, we compared cats. Hers bears a great resemblance to Dobby. We also both got very excited about The BFG film and discussed Bridge of Spies which we’d seen after the trailer for Joy (we want to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence and feel empowered to invent mops). At about five, I rang Daddy so he had time to come and get me, and we made our way back to the Glee via various shops. We checked out Office and found some very jazzy silver shoes, and discovered the yellowing pages of the Justin Lee Collins autobiography in Debenhams. 

We got to the Glee before Daddy so she stayed with me until he arrived, then she went to find some food before tonight’s show and Daddy and I listened to Nina Simone on the way home. 

The 12th of December. 

Another terrible sleep – tonight I am resorting to Zopiclone. Stupid uncooperative body, so insensitive to my needs. 

I have little to say. Morning of paper reading, crossword, sudoku. Surprisingly good at them today! Nick hadn’t eaten any of his dinner from last night but has scarfed down his breakfast so he’s obviously fine, just not a fan of lamb perhaps.

The afternoon we’ve been watching Netflix and he’s tried to eat my pocket several times. He’s such a little weirdo. I suppose that’s all today. I have these little crochet snowball things I need to make which I haven’t started but now is not the time – watching City of Ember, not the most orthodox Christmassy choice but I first saw it this time of year so it feels festive to me. We’ve just got our outside lights up, so the tree and the rest of the house next weekend. I like it this way – it wouldn’t be so special if everything was up for weeks. 

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