The 15th & 16th; He’s going to have a forever home for Christmas.

December 17, 2015

The 15th of December. 

Slightly better night? Didn’t take me too long to fall asleep but woke up early. I haven’t written about my sleep this much since I was on steroids, but I can’t blame medication for this. 

I did a blog post this morning, and discovered I’ve done some sort of mischief to my right shoulder blade. Every time I cough, it hurts. My plan is to sleep on it and hope it goes away. If it doesn’t, I’ll have to arrange an emergency chiropractor appointment. I also had an excellent conversation why a chap called “Brian” (his name was not Brian) who wanted to inform me that I had downloaded a corrupted operating system. I made concerned sounds until until he didn’t know what to do so I called him out on the scam and hung up. He then rang back and I just said NO BRIAN NO MORE TALKING and he hasn’t called again. 

We also had some fun phone calls from the QE and the GP because Dr. Hewins has written me up for a diuretic and after some miscommunication, I’m basically going to end up with double the amount of tablets but that’s fine. 

Mommy had a Christmas lunch with Grandma until half past three (it took rather longer than anticipated), and when she got back we got through two of the four episodes of The Bridge we’ve got in the box. I have lots of feelings about Linn’s treatment of Saga but I am just hoping that it will be okay. I hope that a lot. 

Finally, Nick might be getting a home! A family are coming to view him tomorrow, and I am just hoping his shy demeanour doesn’t put them off. 

The 16th of December. 

My back is not better so I have an emergency chiro appointment tomorrow. Stupid aggravated rib. 

It’s been a busy day! Off out at ten to go to town for my ribbons and tags, several bits from Superdrug and my Pandora charms for my upcoming anniversaries. We were done in an hour (very efficient shopping), but had to make a couple of stops on the way home. Picked up my diuretics from the QE, went to Tesco for mincemeat ingredients, and the garage for kitty food. The place was overflowing! Leigh begged me to take as much as possible. 

After lunch, I went to hang out with Nick to try to get him in a good mood for the family coming to view him after the daughter had finished school for the day. He was just being mental which didn’t bode well, but when they arrived, he actually came out to see them and was very well behaved! So much so that they want to take him home with them on Monday. I’m so pleased he’s going to have a forever home for Christmas. 

When they left, I finished wrapping the presents I needed the extra stuff for, then started crocheting a hat for a snowball when Jonathan appeared at the door. He’s watching TV with Nick and trying to stop him eating his bagel. That’s not a euphemism.