The 23rd & 24th; I am full of Christmas spirit.

December 24, 2015 — Leave a comment

The 23rd of December. 

I have checked my potassium today and it’s down to 5 (we like it to be 5.5 or less and it had gone up to 6) so I’m going to stop taking the diuretic. I woke up to pee at quarter to six and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I am very glad to not have to deal with that anymore. To pass the time, I listened to the second episode of Serial and had a go at crocheting a snowflake. 

I hadn’t planned on having any breakfast until Lauren arrived because we were making waffles for brunch, but I was up so early, I had some toast (which I ate alone in the house, a very dangerous thing, but I didn’t choke) and did a blog post. I made some coffee using the spiced blend I bought from Harrods, but with milk, it tastes awful. Thankfully, I had more beans in the window seat so I got the caffeine I needed. 

Lauren arrived just before eleven and we exchanged gifts. She got me fancy hair stuff, eye primer, nail varnish (a very festive green) and tiddly chocolate penguins. She liked her badges and crocheted gingerbread man a lot. Then we made waffles and watched the Bill Murray Christmas show on Netflix which was disappointing. Nevermind, the waffles were tasty. 

She left at half one, and Penny was supposed to be coming over this afternoon but she never showed up. I’m sure she has a perfectly good reason but it is a mystery. I have filled my time watching all the films on tv, and I iced some cupcakes. Went slightly overboard on the glitter but that can’t be helped now. They are just very sparkly!

The 24th of December. 

The fire is roaring, Carols from King’s is on and I am full of Christmas spirit. 

I woke up at a reasonable time this morning and put on a glittery jumper and penguin earrings that I was given for the liver transplant Christmas. Not going anywhere, but it’s nice to dress for an occasion. 

I have had no jobs to do today, unlike everyone else – Daddy had to go to Wales to pick up Taid, Mommy and Christine had wrapping to do, plus other bits of pieces like moving the hamster and finding temporary homes for things that were in the way. I have just stayed in the armchair, watching the films that have been on tv all day. To begin why, I was doing nothing but sitting and this felt rather unproductive (not to mention boring), so I went upstairs and got the wool that Sheila gave me to make baby blankets with, and have been working on one of those all day. I’ve done twenty two rows of a 115 stitch blanket which will be roughly thirty square inches. 

My viewing has been Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Horton Hears A Who!, Sister Act 2, A Christmas Carol, then we fitted in a sneaky episode of The Bridge, then the end of Finding Nemo, now Carols. My brain is sufficiently mushy. 

We lit the fire at five, and moments later, Daddy returned with Taid. He’s now sat in the other armchair and he’s eating the nuts from the table. That’s fine, I don’t eat them so I will not be picking up his germs.

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