The 25th & 26th; Merry Christmas!

December 27, 2015 — 1 Comment

The 25th of December. 

Merry Christmas! Not the best of starts – I woke up at 5 to 5 and tossed and turned but couldn’t get back to sleep, so Christine came in with stockings at about half eight. I got a little snowman that you make with chemicals, hand cream, tiny Lindt Santas and bears, nail varnish, a mini Hotel Chocolat slab and a pencil. Then Christmas breakfast! Game pie, meats, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, breadbuns, just all the foods! Best breakfast of the year. 

Went back upstairs to get all dressed up in my sparkly Christmas attire, and spent a long time trying to get a good photo that didn’t show all the mess currently inhabiting my bedroom. Mommy and Daddy went to get Grandma, and by noon we were in our usual positions, champagne in hand, ready for me to dole out the presents. They weren’t very evenly distributed so I could find loads for Daddy and Christine but none for me! It turned out all of mine had been hidden round the back of the tree and I had to crawl underneath to find them. I did then get to open them all at once which was lots of fun. I got The Crochet Bible by Jane Crowfoot, lots of wool and three birch hooks, an amigurumi book, Buck’s Fizz marmalade, a star-shaped skillet and cookie mix, The Little Prince moleskine diary, Rob Ryan calendar, a huggable microwaveable pug, a red Acme cappuccino cup and saucer, Christmas London Starbucks mug, fudge, biscuits, chocolate, a felting kit, Pandora stocking charm, Chanel Troublante nail varnish, candy cane earrings, gloves made of mohair, possum fur and silk, the new Michael McIntyre DVD, thermally socks and gloves…I think that’s it? By the time we’d got through all of them, it was nearly time for turkey! We had a whole one this year because we couldn’t get hold of a crown, and apart from a slightly too peppery stuffing, it was a great success!

Afterwards, Taid fell asleep in the living room right away and snored all the way through the end of Brave, Stick Man and Doctor Who. We had to keep turning it up to hear it over him. The Easts came over at the start of Strictly, and we swapped gifts and heard how their radiator had started leaking while they were out at church this morning, but luckily not for long so there wasn’t much damage. Grandma went back home not long after they did, Taid went back to his room to watch Downton, and we had Christmas cake and watched lots of the comedy we’d recorded over the past week. 

My favourite part is still reactions. Everyone was happy – I did well this year. Best day. 

The 26th of December. 

I had a much better sleep last night – I didn’t want to get up when my alarm went off. I gave myself ten more minutes but then I forced myself out of bed. I bit my tongue yesterday so hard it bled, so it was very tender this morning. I decided porridge would be a safe breakfast, then spent the rest of my morning writing about yesterday, as I didn’t really have time then. 

I’ve been up and down the stairs all day because Daddy’s needed me for laptop japes. He bought Mommy and new-but-used one for Christmas and he was migrating stuff before erasing everything on the old one. The most important thing was the keychain, and I wanted to do it manually, but then we thought that just migrating the apps would work. It turns out it hasn’t, all of Mommy’s keychain is gone and I feel like I’ve ruined everything because I should’ve done it the way I wanted to in the first place. 

We had a ham for lunch, plus hasselback potatoes, mashed swede and red cabbage, and tonight is essentially Christmas breakfast for dinner. Mommy and I have finally watched the final episode of The Bridge and I do not like how it’s ended but there’s naught to be done about that. Taid has been watching and he likes Linn, which makes me think he is a terrible judge of character. She was a dreadful person. 

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    Your dress is gorgeous and you look fabulous in the photos. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours. ❤️

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