The 5th & 6th; I start coughing and they look at me as if I have the plague.

January 7, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 5th of January. 

Last night was the first time in at least a week that I had some proper sleep without the aid of drugs. Not all night, by any means, but Mommy had to wake me up at ten, which has only happened before when I’ve had Zopiclone. I don’t think it means I’m getting better; I’m not expecting it to happen again tonight. We shall see!

My only sale purchase was delivered today – a polo neck jumper from Superdry. They look very snuggly but are usually about £60, and in the sale it was less than half price, so I’ve worn that and been very warm. 

This afternoon I’ve done a small amount of crocheting, written up a blog post, and watched Spiderman 2, the Toby Maguire one. It’s a really bad film! Quite glad I didn’t pay money to see that, although at the time I imagine I would’ve enjoyed it. Why am I writing about this? Sorry, not interesting at all. 

I’ve got the chiro tomorrow which is going to be massively painful but I’m hoping she can do something about my ribs. They are so sore – aggravated by coughing and no way of stopping that. It would be tolerable if I could have ibuprofen but I’m not allowed to take it. Ice packs can only do so much. 

The 6th of January. 

Well I had some sleep again! Really very shocked by this but obviously pleased. Won’t take it for granted though – I’m still not expecting it again tonight. 

We had a visit from Becky and James’ plumber who needed the key, after he’d gone next door, been told she was in hospital, and rung Alison to tell her. She then rang here, thinking I’d gone in, but in fact it was all just a hilarious misunderstanding. Next, a trip to the chiropractor! Oh, how I have needed this. My neck needed a huge crunch, the rib that was bad before needed work, then the one on the left side needed much manipulation. Trine described it as “gristly” as she massaged the muscle, feeling it tense up every time I coughed  

We went into Sutton afterwards to get birthday cards for Grandma and other such exciting things. I sound like Tiny Tim when I talk, which I think people see as quite pitiful, but I start coughing and they look at me as if I have the plague. I did my best not to touch anything so I haven’t spread my germs about too much. 

We had lots of fun with the oxygen company today – they delivered the wrong cylinders yesterday, and brought the wrong thing again today when they were supposed to be rectifying their mistake! Mommy rang them again and they were as confused as us. The phone calls are recorded, so they listened back to the calls and found they’d actually written it down incorrectly. So they’ll be back again tomorrow and it will all be fine. 

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