The 7th & 8th; Imagine if it were your sister, daughter, brother, son.

January 9, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 7th of January. 

Sleep again! This is remarkable. I’ve found a good position which is basically sat up against three pillows, facing upwards. It’s very odd – I can’t remember the last time I slept on my back. Still, as long as I’m getting sleep I really don’t care. 

I got a blog post done and touched up my nail varnish this morning before Carol came. It keeps chipping and I think it’s because I accidentally used top coat instead of base coat when I applied it. I also got a magazine in the post from Rhiannon that she found while tidying. It had a couple of crochet patterns in it, so she was good enough to send it to me. 

Carol brought her usual news of family, work, projects she’s working on. It was mainly her and Mommy having a good gossip while I folded myself in half, trying not to cough too much. My chest is just doing a quiet, constant rumble which is really boring and annoying. It doesn’t help that wearing the oxygen all the time is drying out the inside of my nose which makes it really sore. 

Ohh I do so want this to be over soon. It’s two weeks until my birthday and I really don’t want a repeat of my 21st when I was having a lovely meal at Le Gavroche but I was utterly miserable because I had rhinovirus and felt like total shit. 

The 8th of January. 

Sleep not as good last night – the rumbly chest just wouldn’t shut up so I had to wait for tiredness to overpower the irritance. The cough is different today – for the past few days it’s been quite dry, but today it’s been chestier. I sound like a small angry dog. 

Everything was a bit slow this morning. Mommy went out to see Grandma before I was properly up, so Daddy had to help with my breakfast and coffee etc. I didn’t get downstairs until about twenty past eleven, and we’d managed to make my coffee by midday. In fairness, we did get distracted looking at the Channing Tatum/Beyoncé video. I’m pretty sure the UK version of Lip Sync Battle is not going to be able to live up to the original. 

This afternoon, I wanted to check on the iMac what of The Sims it had installed. After finding my login and downloading a few bits, I got somewhat engrossed and ended up spending about three hours making a Sim of me and starting to build myself a house. It’s so easy to get sucked in! I might find myself using it to try to pass the time for the next two weeks while I hope to get better. 

I got an email from Dan’s ex-girlfriend Emily, who I met a little while ago. Her housemate’s friend, Lara, is 24, Thai-Italian and has AML. Her brother isn’t a match, so now they’ve got to start the search. Emily wanted me to try to share the story, tweet about it, and of course I have done. I don’t know if I would have found a match if I had a complicated racial heritage. So many people do now, but very few donors do, and it’s only going to continue. 

Imagine if it were your sister, daughter, brother, son. Wouldn’t you want everyone you knew to take two minutes to try to help save them?

Read more about Lara here. Sign up to Anthony Nolan here or Delete Blood Cancer here

One response to The 7th & 8th; Imagine if it were your sister, daughter, brother, son.


    The girls in this house are Sims fans too!
    I came across Lara’s story on FB recently and shared it on my FB page – poor girl – hope she gets a donor soon.

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