The 13th & 14th; Oh, it’s all just shit.

January 15, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 13th of January. 

I’m really tired. I’ve developed this new routine where I don’t fall asleep until half one/two o’clock, wake up when my alarm goes off but then fall back asleep until ten. I’ve got to get up with the alarm or I’ll never get my regular sleep pattern back. 

This morning was just a blog post and wincing every time I coughed because of the strain I’ve caused in my ribcage again. On tv they were showing the winners of half the lottery jackpot, but I really don’t see why anyone is interested? It is not going to have an impact on anyone in the general public’s life. Not bitter at all. 

I had liver clinic this afternoon. My appointment was for 2.20 but we had to go out at one to ensure we got a space in the car park in time. 2pm is the start of visiting hours so it gets very busy! It was a pretty late clinic today, so I didn’t get in to see James until about 3.20. A random doctor did try calling me into his clinic but seeing as I’d never seen him before in my life I thought I’d tell him I only saw James. While waiting I read my book (The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler, I’m nearly half way through), and our friend appeared so Mommy chatted with him. He’s had some spells in, even was briefly in a coma, and is now trying to get himself back to being well enough to be back on the transplant list. James showed us a new photo of his baby who isn’t really a baby anymore, then I waited to have some bloods done and we got out at ten to four. Once in the car, I had a massive cough – don’t really feel like I can do that in public. In a lift with some parents and a baby, I coughed into my polo neck so as not to spread my germs. 

I think it’s on the way out. I hope so. A week until my birthday. 

The 14th of January. 

What a fucking shitty week. Alan Rickman now too? Cancer again, ruining lives. I have loved him in everything I’ve seen him in, but mostly as Snape. A hugely loved character and his portrayal will live on forever. I’m so sad. 

I got up when my alarm went off this morning, no snoozing today, and after breakfasting and coffee, I decided to finish the hare I’ve been working on. Lucy, she is called. I did her last leg and tail, then I assembled her during Daily Politics and after lunch. 

This afternoon, I read some more of The Fire Witness and tried to stop myself thinking about Alan Rickman by paying The Sims, which was quite successful. 

Oh, it’s all just shit. 

One response to The 13th & 14th; Oh, it’s all just shit.


    If I could trade places with you I would 😦 maybe I could come and play you some music? I’m quite good at guitar 🙂 email me?

    Good luck, I’m glad the universe has you in it 🙂

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