The 15th & 16th; So sweet but so sad.

January 17, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 15th of January. 

I have had a very productive day. I got up when the alarm went off and dressed in long-sleeved thermals under my jumper, as when I opened my curtains, I was surprised to see a light eiderdown of snow covering the street. 

During my coffee, I wrote up a blog post, and spent the rest of the day crocheting a pair of mittens. I was doing them to a pattern of supposed “woman-size”, but looking at them part-way through, they looked massive, so I decided to unravel it all back to the cuff, and redo it in the “older child/teen” size which is a much better fit. 

After lunch, we watched the first of a new series of Project Runway that we discovered on Lifetime last night after Britain’s Next Top Model. I then dove into Netflix and got through three more episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Since I found out a second part of season 6 arrives on Netflix next week, I really need to get watching if I’m ever going to get through it – I’m currently nearly at the end of season 2, so I’ve still got two thirds of the show to go!

My rib has been really sore today, so I took a Tramadol earlier. It didn’t take the pain away, but it did help. I think. It certainly made me very chatty. 

The 16th of January. 

Not the best start to the day – crying at an old man on BBC Breakfast reciting a poem he wants reading at his funeral, saying not to be sad because he’s now with his wife and they’ll be together forever. So sweet but so sad; just weeping. 

I was quickly cheered up by some messages from Suzi, requesting a couple of crochet items, so we chatted for a little bit and that made me feel better about the old man. 

This morning was the paper, in which I was good at the sudoku, then outraged by the crossword because they spelled Tsetse with “z”s, which is American and therefore wrong. I took great umbrage at this. I also did a bit of a wool audit to check if I had the right stuff for Suzi or if I need to order more. I do, but for the giraffe I’m doing for baby Esme. 

This afternoon, after being delighted by Miriam Margolyes on Graham Norton, I barged through three more episodes of Pretty Little Liars, leaving me with just the final two of the second season, while I crocheted like a machine. Pretty much finished one of the things for Suzi (I don’t know why I’m being cryptic as it’s unlikely that the recipients of the things will read this), I’ve just got one last bit to do after dinner. 

I only took co-codamol for the rib pain today. It was super painful when I woke up. Bloody cough. 


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