The 19th & 20th; Without receiving fearful stares from those around me.

January 21, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 19th of January. 

I managed to go out today without receiving fearful stares from those around me. I had quite a fun morning with the doorbell ringing multiple times. The first visit was from the postman, and he arrived while I was in the bathroom, so I had to rush out to get my birthday card from Christine, my first coffee from Pact, and my wool for Esme’s giraffe. Another ring from an APC man who delivered a box for Mommy that was “fragile” and held “perishables”. Very mysterious, I wonder what it is? The final person here was Gail asking me to take a parcel for Alison which was massive but wasn’t a present for me, just skiwear for Jonathan. 

After lunch, we went into Sutton so I could get a box to post Suzi’s crocheted stuff in, which thankfully is big enough to hold the extra thing she’s asked for, and had a lovely chat with the girl in Paperchase about Alan Rickman because I was wearing my Gryffindor scarf and she’s obviously a super cool person. I also got some wool that I can use to finish the baby blanket I was doing over the Christmas period. When we’d finished, Mommy took me to Black Sheep to get my fringe trimmed, but when she was parking, she scraped the car she was pulling in front of and caused damage to one of the front lights. She wrote a note with her details on but we haven’t heard from them yet which is very odd considering you’re only allowed to park there for an hour. Michaela was annoyed at herself because she’s dropped her phone in the toilet, and I consoled her, reminding her I’d done exactly the same thing in that very salon.

The rest of the afternoon has been crochet! That and trying and failing to fix the WiFi. Such excitement. 

The 20th of January. 

A very similar day to yesterday – lots of crochet with a trip out in the middle, but this time to the chiro. 

This morning I had my breakfast, coffee, then fit in a small amount of crochet before we had to go out to see Trine. It really hurt to even lie on my front this time, but I clenched my jaw and got through it because it was necessary. My back popped in a few places, and my neck crunched. I also needed some massage on my gristly ribs again but it was markedly improved. 

When we got home, we had lunch, the postman brought lots of cards for me to open tomorrow, I have been busily crocheting away while watching Pretty Little Liars, and now have only one tiny bit of this thing left to make tonight before I assemble it. 

I’m so excited for tomorrow and Friday. All the tasty foods! I also iced my birthday cake (Curly Wurly cake) this afternoon, and have just ruined, then fixed it. I was doing extra decoration with melted chocolate but it looked utterly dreadful, making me wish I hadn’t done it at all. We were able to lift off the chocolate with knives, and I can make it pretty tomorrow. 

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