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The 26th of February. 

Another bad sleep! Well, it took me ages to fall asleep, but then I did at least stay that way. I got up and went downstairs in my pyjamas so I could give Mommy her card and presents before she had to go and take Grandma to coffee morning. She loves the earrings and is very intrigued by all the different recipes in The Little Book of Scones. When she came back, she opened the rest of her stuff which was mini loaf tins and recipes to go with them, and lots of teas from Hilary and Jeremy so she’s basically got an afternoon tea kit!

We went out to Miller & Carter for lunch. I decided to only have a main course because they’re quite large and my stomach would not cope with a starter too. I was right because I didn’t finish my meal anyway! I ate my steak and sweet potato fries but I couldn’t fit the rest in. 

When we were finished, we took Grandma home, then had a quick trip to M&S to get a birthday cake because for the first time in living memory, we have not had time to make one! We’ve had a phone call from Christine to say Happy Birthday, and I’m still feeling like I need to lie down. 

The 27th of February. 

I have been sleepy all day because I had two Zopiclone last night so when my alarm went off, I did not want to get out of bed. I had to though, because I needed coffee and that was downstairs. 

I made it and spent the morning reading the interesting bits of the paper like the story about Ginger Nuts returning to circulation which is obviously the most important one. 

The rest of the day has been TiVo/Netflix. I finished the baby blanket I was doing for Sheila so I can give that to her at an opportune moment, and I might start on the next outfit for the doll soon. Schoolgirl or pyjamas?

Becky and James have been over, although James only very briefly, and now Becky’s school has some chambers underground which are being leaked into and may or may not have asbestos? Fun times. I also lent her my Harry Potter wand and Gryffindor scarf so she can be Hermione for World Book Day at school. Obviously. 

The 24th of February. 

Ergh I do not relish getting up at half past six for early clinics and freezing my face in the wind, but I at least made some headway in my book, The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair. We saw Kat and her mum who we haven’t seen in ages, so it was good to catch up with them, then before we knew it, Ram was calling me in. He’s requested an ultrasound for the fluid in my hand, is going to badger Andy Toogood about another bone density scan, and isn’t sure about the dizziness but if it happens again we’ll have to look at it more closely. We then spent nearly an hour waiting for pharmacy to fill my three bags and got home at half twelve!

This afternoon I crocheted and finished season 4 of Pretty Little Liars, oh the STRESS. Even though I know who A is, it’s still very tense and I’m still not sure how we come to the final conclusion. It’s all a bit ridiculous but I like it. 

Out again at quarter past five for another Old Hallfieldians meeting. There were seven of us tonight which is loads! It was a quick one tonight at Celia had to leave to go to the ballet, so we kind of boshed through the agenda. We have a new member, Rohan, who’s 34 so closer to my age which is nice. Then Tim brought me home. Had tea, now I am watching The BRITs and being very pleased with Adele. #FreeKesha 

The 25th of February. 

I had a horrible night – it took me ages to get to sleep, then I woke up at I don’t know what time and tossed and turned for a few hours, dealing with heartburn and a sore throat. To amuse myself I listened to the first few episodes of a podcast called My Dad Wrote A Porno and it is vastly entertaining, so if you can’t sleep you should listen to that. 

I decided to hold off on getting dressed until I’d had a few Strepsils and knew it the sore throat was sticking around or not. Thankfully they worked, so I could go and put gym clothes on for a trip there after lunch and a catch-up on last night’s Sport Relief Bake Off. 

Admittedly I didn’t spend as long in the gym as usual because I was so tired. I was also mildly put off my routine by a man who I’m pretty sure wasn’t wearing any pants. I saw more of him that I ever wanted to. 

Tonight I need to wrap Mommy’s presents because it’s her birthday tomorrow!

Oh and I can share my news about the phone call I had on Monday – I am going to be a Young Ambassador for Anthony Nolan! I have to go to London for two days of training in March, then I will be basically available to them for when they need patient stories to make an impact. I think I can do that. 

Giant Costa fingers. 

The 22nd of February. 

I have had a really rather good day. The dizziness has stayed away, so that was an excellent start and meant a gym visit was possible this afternoon. 

I was awaiting a phone call this morning at 11am, but my phone decided to have no signal until about five minutes before then which was very stressful, although I did email the caller letting them know and giving them my landline number just in case. I managed to squeeze in a blog post before they called, then we had a greatly productive conversation, and in a few days I can tell you what it was all about! Oh what a tease I am.

When we were finished talking, I put the “In the country” outfit together and dressed the doll. One of the wires has come out of her arm so I need to feed that back in. 

This afternoon has been a gym trip where I again saw very few of the usuals. Maybe they are too busy now. Who knows? Still, I am glad that the mats are much more free now. Things are improving, and I don’t think it’ll be too long before I’m back to where I was in October. 

The 23rd of February. 

A very quiet one. Muscles are sore from yesterday, especially arms, obviously they are still not used to doing things. You know, I’m so much stronger than I used to be yet I still have basically no semblance of any form of muscle definition. 

It has been another crochet day, just to jazz things up a bit. Mommy took Grandma out this afternoon so I sat and worked on a blanket for Sheila’s group who do them for children in hospital. She gave me some wool for it before Christmas but what I used it on went spectacularly wrong, so I am doing another one with my own wool to make up for effectively wasting what she gave me. I also watched Agents Carter and of S.H.I.E.L.D, the latter being mildly stressful and making me make astonished noises. 

Tonight we are out at the Town Hall to see Sandi Toksvig on her fundraising for the WE/stand up tour, both things I support, so I’m very much looking forward to that. I don’t think she’ll give me another brownie though. 

The 20th of February. 

Another day on which I plan to go to the gym, then don’t. I feel I have a legitimate reason though – I have felt dizzy since I woke up. I was a bit wobbly when I got out of bed, so moved carefully, but even when brushing my teeth standing still I felt weird. I decided not to get dressed until I had breakfast and knew what I was doing – I figured if I didn’t feel better once I’d eaten and drunk something then the gym would be off.  

I sat still all morning, writing up a post and reading the paper, but still fuzzy head. Took my blood pressure and it was 110 over 75 which is fine – slightly lower than my average but not what one would actually consider low. Not enough to make me feel woozy. 

After getting dressed, I have spent the rest of my day crocheting and watching Netflix again. I finished the jumper and have nearly done the hat too. I did move to go and ice some cupcakes but apart from that, I have been rather stationary. 

I’ve never felt dizzy for this long before. I suppose I just have to wait and see if I feel this way in the morning. 

The 21st of February. 

I think the dizziness is gone…it was still there when I got up this morning but not as bad as yesterday, then at some point during the day I think it went away. It almost felt like I was drunk, certainly when I closed my eyes, it felt like trying to go to sleep with a few drinks in me. Not really fair when I don’t have the fun of being tipsy to go with it. 

Another very still day, this morning spent crocheting boots and the bag for the “In the country” outfit. All the bits are finished now, I just need to put handles on the bag then I’ll put it all together tomorrow.

This afternoon has been filled with TV – three episodes of Trapped, then more Pretty Little Liars. I’m at the same place as Christine now. I am not a fan of Andri’s daughters in Trapped, I hope they go and love with their mum in Reykjavik and leave Maggi alone. I don’t trust anyone in this programme, that is what The Killing and The Bridge have taught me. 

I’m glad I’ve got clinic on Wednesday. I doubt Ram will know the cause of my lightheadedness but he might know someone who can find out. 

The 18th of February. 

It’s been rather an industrious day. Woke up early and got a blog post written up and posted before going out to Black Sheep to have my hair cut. It is much shorter now! I think I want to go back to pink/purple again so I’ll need to book in with James for the first step in that journey when I’m ready. Michaela, Daniel and I had the most random conversation about Legends, the Tom Hardy Krays film, and into films we’ve watched, didn’t necessarily enjoy but thought were good. She also showed me lots of new pictures of Blossom, trying to get into cupboards and doing her funny bum wiggle. 

We got home just after half eleven, and today Gail did deliver my wool! Very pleasing, it meant I could start on the dungarees for the doll. Had lunch, and watched the first episode of Trapped, the new Icelandic noir on BBC4. I think my favourite line was “Goddamn fucking fuck man!” from one of the forensics team. Then Mommy went off to see Grandma, and I spent my afternoon making dungarees and having a Pretty Little Liars marathon. Alison popped in to bring us some macarons from Strasbourg (had a chocolate one, it was delicious) and see the doll, as she was the one who bought me the book. Soon she will have many outfits!

The 19th of February. 

Came out of the cinema to the news that Harper Lee has died. To Kill A Mockingbird has been one of my favourite books for a good ten years, surviving my exploding suitcase on the Majorcan highway and having a prized place in my bookcase ever since. 

In other news, I woke up from a stressful dream about having to bathe a piglet, and spent my morning crocheting the jumper to go underneath the dungarees for the doll. I had got part way through the first sleeve when it came to the time for Daddy and I to go to the cinema. I’d forgotten it’s half term so StarCity was incredibly busy, but thankfully the screen for Triple 9 wasn’t. We saw a trailer for a dreadful looking film called Hardcore Henry, filmed like a first-person shooter. No thank you. 

Kate Winslet is excellent as a Russian mafia boss, and there are enough twists to have kept surprising me. However, there were scenes that could’ve been shorter – for what it is, the film is longer than it needs to be. And I could’ve done without seeing Casey Affleck’s chewing gum in his mouth throughout the whole thing. 

(Illustration by Chris Riddell.)

The 16th of February. 

I am very chilly. However, I can’t be bothered to get more clothes so I’m not helping myself. It’s because I’m in gymwear which is never as warm as I’d like. Leggings, vests, hoodie. 

This morning I did a blog post, then I finished assembling the paddling pool for the doll. Sod the lilo, it can be a towel. I am very pleased with the outcome, so it has been worth it. Next is an outfit for “In the country” which involves a jumper, dungarees, boots, a hat and a bag. I’d just finished taking pictures of her in the pool when Rosemary arrived. We had a chat for about half an hour before she and Mommy went to have lunch in the dining room while I ate mine and watched Pretty Little Liars. 

She left at two because she had to get home to walk her dogs, and I went to the gym. Neil let me in today, looking very dapper in a pale blue waistcoat and trousers combo, and I went through my usual routine. Still none of the chaps I used to see; I wonder where they all are. Nevermind, I get to do everything I wanted, just have to wait and see how I’m affected tomorrow. 

The 17th of February. 

Cold again and I can’t blame the gymwear because I have a jumper, long sleeved thermals and jeans on. My body is just incapable of staying warm, it seems. 

Becky came over this morning while I was still having my breakfast, and stayed until lunchtime. We had updates on Jonathan in Canada on his ski trip and Chris and Alison in Strasbourg, visiting Jamie. She has to go and pick them up from the airport tonight. We heard about all the recent fun at school (I just the term “fun” loosely) and the progress on the house, in particular the trouble she and James both had with curtain poles. She also demonstrated the latest noises her knee is making and it was very upsetting, I did not like that at all. 

This afternoon has been very quiet – Christine rang and the episode of Pretty Little Liars she watched here has got her into it so we chatted about that, and I hoped Gail might deliver my wool so I could start the next outfit for the doll but she did not materialise. I emailed Black Sheep and got myself a crafty appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow which is very pleasing as it’s getting a bit tufty, and I can’t be having that. 

The 14th of February. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Emphasis on the HA. 

Without a media campaign, my shelves are bare of cards this year. My morning was Sunday Brunch, coffee and a blog post, and crocheting the base of the paddling pool. It’s getting ripply so I’ll need to flatten it with something heavy. 

My back has been fine today, making yesterday’s pain a complete mystery, so I decided I would go to the gym this afternoon. I thought it would be really quiet, it being a Sunday and Valentine’s Day, but there were more people there than I would have liked. There was one particularly sweaty man on the chest press when I wanted to use it, which was somewhat upsetting – he was really very moist. Then there were two women and a girl who I assume was the daughter of one of them, and I kind of resent people who go around chatting, because they are evidently not pushing themselves very hard. They almost always don’t really know what they’re doing, either. The only person I saw who amused me was a boy with exceptionally 90’s curtains, and they were a joy. 

Since I got back, I’ve been watching Robot Wars in Sky2. The romance in the air is palpable. 

The 15th of February. 

This is going to be a really boring entry, I’ll apologise now. Happily, I’m not in much pain after yesterday’s gym session; I can move around without grunting like some sort of animal. 

The reason my day has been so drastically dull is I’ve been putting together the crocheted paddling pool. Such a faff! Taking the three strips I made and forming them into tubes, sewing up the edges and stuffing as I went along. Very long, very slow, very tedious. Then I sewed one of the tubes to the base of the pool, which took about an hour and a half, and now the other two tubes are just placed on top until I attach them too. 

That has been it. Crochet, recorded tv and Netflix, getting annoyed at the TiVo box because Netflix always cuts out on it for no apparent reason. First world problems.