The 6th & 7th; No energy to implement said intentions.

February 8, 2016 — 2 Comments

The 6th of February. 

Today has been the very opposite of productive. Well, that is not strictly true – this morning I did a blog post and I read the paper, which pretty much always makes me hate the government a little bit more. Then again, that tends to happen at least once a day anyway. 

No films on this weekend that Daddy and I want to see, so I decided to spend my afternoon trying to back up my iPhone. I attempt this approximately twice a year and it usually results in me spending two or three days staring at the computer screen and getting irrationally enraged at the iTunes error message that it could not back up the iPhone because said iPhone disconnected which is nonsense. 

I tried the first thing the internet suggested and that seemed to be working, until it got to the end and suddenly said no. I’m currently in the middle of trying the second thing which involves copying the most recent backup, then deleting it, but the copying is taking rather longer than I anticipated, so I’ve left it to it and come downstairs. No doubt I shall return to it this evening because Saturday night tv is deplorable right now. 

The 7th of February. 

I have had success!

I got up with every intention of jumping in the shower and washing my hair, but no energy to implement said intentions. Instead, I remained in my pyjamas and dressing gown for the entire morning. Breathing while making my breakfast was tricky. Stupid unpredictable lung disease. I still plan on going back to the gym this week, but my routine will be severely pared back. 

The last item on Sunday Brunch was some sort of disgusting watermelon meringue monstrosity, and wanting to avoid that gave me the impetus to go and shower. It took a while but nevermind. 

I had my lunch, then I had one last idea to try and back up my phone. What I hadn’t done yesterday was delete the other old backups that were still in iTunes. I gave it a try as a last resort and after what seemed like forever, waiting as the bar inched further across the screen, it worked! So at least I don’t have to ask them about that tomorrow at the Apple shop too. 

I have started crocheting the paddling pool for the doll and it requires the use of the 2mm hook. Focusing on such tiny stitches is making me go cross-eyed. 

2 responses to The 6th & 7th; No energy to implement said intentions.


    Well done, you helped to raise awareness of Lara’s plight.

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