The 14th & 15th; The romance in the air is palpable.

February 16, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 14th of February. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Emphasis on the HA. 

Without a media campaign, my shelves are bare of cards this year. My morning was Sunday Brunch, coffee and a blog post, and crocheting the base of the paddling pool. It’s getting ripply so I’ll need to flatten it with something heavy. 

My back has been fine today, making yesterday’s pain a complete mystery, so I decided I would go to the gym this afternoon. I thought it would be really quiet, it being a Sunday and Valentine’s Day, but there were more people there than I would have liked. There was one particularly sweaty man on the chest press when I wanted to use it, which was somewhat upsetting – he was really very moist. Then there were two women and a girl who I assume was the daughter of one of them, and I kind of resent people who go around chatting, because they are evidently not pushing themselves very hard. They almost always don’t really know what they’re doing, either. The only person I saw who amused me was a boy with exceptionally 90’s curtains, and they were a joy. 

Since I got back, I’ve been watching Robot Wars in Sky2. The romance in the air is palpable. 

The 15th of February. 

This is going to be a really boring entry, I’ll apologise now. Happily, I’m not in much pain after yesterday’s gym session; I can move around without grunting like some sort of animal. 

The reason my day has been so drastically dull is I’ve been putting together the crocheted paddling pool. Such a faff! Taking the three strips I made and forming them into tubes, sewing up the edges and stuffing as I went along. Very long, very slow, very tedious. Then I sewed one of the tubes to the base of the pool, which took about an hour and a half, and now the other two tubes are just placed on top until I attach them too. 

That has been it. Crochet, recorded tv and Netflix, getting annoyed at the TiVo box because Netflix always cuts out on it for no apparent reason. First world problems. 

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