The 18th & 19th; Surviving my exploding suitcase.

February 20, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 18th of February. 

It’s been rather an industrious day. Woke up early and got a blog post written up and posted before going out to Black Sheep to have my hair cut. It is much shorter now! I think I want to go back to pink/purple again so I’ll need to book in with James for the first step in that journey when I’m ready. Michaela, Daniel and I had the most random conversation about Legends, the Tom Hardy Krays film, and into films we’ve watched, didn’t necessarily enjoy but thought were good. She also showed me lots of new pictures of Blossom, trying to get into cupboards and doing her funny bum wiggle. 

We got home just after half eleven, and today Gail did deliver my wool! Very pleasing, it meant I could start on the dungarees for the doll. Had lunch, and watched the first episode of Trapped, the new Icelandic noir on BBC4. I think my favourite line was “Goddamn fucking fuck man!” from one of the forensics team. Then Mommy went off to see Grandma, and I spent my afternoon making dungarees and having a Pretty Little Liars marathon. Alison popped in to bring us some macarons from Strasbourg (had a chocolate one, it was delicious) and see the doll, as she was the one who bought me the book. Soon she will have many outfits!

The 19th of February. 

Came out of the cinema to the news that Harper Lee has died. To Kill A Mockingbird has been one of my favourite books for a good ten years, surviving my exploding suitcase on the Majorcan highway and having a prized place in my bookcase ever since. 

In other news, I woke up from a stressful dream about having to bathe a piglet, and spent my morning crocheting the jumper to go underneath the dungarees for the doll. I had got part way through the first sleeve when it came to the time for Daddy and I to go to the cinema. I’d forgotten it’s half term so StarCity was incredibly busy, but thankfully the screen for Triple 9 wasn’t. We saw a trailer for a dreadful looking film called Hardcore Henry, filmed like a first-person shooter. No thank you. 

Kate Winslet is excellent as a Russian mafia boss, and there are enough twists to have kept surprising me. However, there were scenes that could’ve been shorter – for what it is, the film is longer than it needs to be. And I could’ve done without seeing Casey Affleck’s chewing gum in his mouth throughout the whole thing. 

(Illustration by Chris Riddell.)

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