The 20th & 21st; I have never felt dizzy for this long before.

February 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 20th of February. 

Another day on which I plan to go to the gym, then don’t. I feel I have a legitimate reason though – I have felt dizzy since I woke up. I was a bit wobbly when I got out of bed, so moved carefully, but even when brushing my teeth standing still I felt weird. I decided not to get dressed until I had breakfast and knew what I was doing – I figured if I didn’t feel better once I’d eaten and drunk something then the gym would be off.  

I sat still all morning, writing up a post and reading the paper, but still fuzzy head. Took my blood pressure and it was 110 over 75 which is fine – slightly lower than my average but not what one would actually consider low. Not enough to make me feel woozy. 

After getting dressed, I have spent the rest of my day crocheting and watching Netflix again. I finished the jumper and have nearly done the hat too. I did move to go and ice some cupcakes but apart from that, I have been rather stationary. 

I’ve never felt dizzy for this long before. I suppose I just have to wait and see if I feel this way in the morning. 

The 21st of February. 

I think the dizziness is gone…it was still there when I got up this morning but not as bad as yesterday, then at some point during the day I think it went away. It almost felt like I was drunk, certainly when I closed my eyes, it felt like trying to go to sleep with a few drinks in me. Not really fair when I don’t have the fun of being tipsy to go with it. 

Another very still day, this morning spent crocheting boots and the bag for the “In the country” outfit. All the bits are finished now, I just need to put handles on the bag then I’ll put it all together tomorrow.

This afternoon has been filled with TV – three episodes of Trapped, then more Pretty Little Liars. I’m at the same place as Christine now. I am not a fan of Andri’s daughters in Trapped, I hope they go and love with their mum in Reykjavik and leave Maggi alone. I don’t trust anyone in this programme, that is what The Killing and The Bridge have taught me. 

I’m glad I’ve got clinic on Wednesday. I doubt Ram will know the cause of my lightheadedness but he might know someone who can find out. 

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