The 22nd & 23rd; I’m so much stronger than I used to be.

February 24, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 22nd of February. 

I have had a really rather good day. The dizziness has stayed away, so that was an excellent start and meant a gym visit was possible this afternoon. 

I was awaiting a phone call this morning at 11am, but my phone decided to have no signal until about five minutes before then which was very stressful, although I did email the caller letting them know and giving them my landline number just in case. I managed to squeeze in a blog post before they called, then we had a greatly productive conversation, and in a few days I can tell you what it was all about! Oh what a tease I am.

When we were finished talking, I put the “In the country” outfit together and dressed the doll. One of the wires has come out of her arm so I need to feed that back in. 

This afternoon has been a gym trip where I again saw very few of the usuals. Maybe they are too busy now. Who knows? Still, I am glad that the mats are much more free now. Things are improving, and I don’t think it’ll be too long before I’m back to where I was in October. 

The 23rd of February. 

A very quiet one. Muscles are sore from yesterday, especially arms, obviously they are still not used to doing things. You know, I’m so much stronger than I used to be yet I still have basically no semblance of any form of muscle definition. 

It has been another crochet day, just to jazz things up a bit. Mommy took Grandma out this afternoon so I sat and worked on a blanket for Sheila’s group who do them for children in hospital. She gave me some wool for it before Christmas but what I used it on went spectacularly wrong, so I am doing another one with my own wool to make up for effectively wasting what she gave me. I also watched Agents Carter and of S.H.I.E.L.D, the latter being mildly stressful and making me make astonished noises. 

Tonight we are out at the Town Hall to see Sandi Toksvig on her fundraising for the WE/stand up tour, both things I support, so I’m very much looking forward to that. I don’t think she’ll give me another brownie though. 

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