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The 29th of March. 

I think I’m going to need to find the number for Andy Toogood’s secretary. My lower spine is so painful, I need another bone density scan to see if the osteoporosis has spread. 

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, and got annoyed at the discussion of the hijacking of the plane on tv, because frankly they were being irresponsible and inflammatory in their language, and I had to mute them. 

Mike the builder/plumber came to fix the leak in the garage that was under the bathroom floor, and we had to leave him here while we went out for me to go to the gym and Christine to get dropped off at the train station. I had a very productive session, burned off about 900 calories of chocolate. No pants man wasn’t there, but woman who monopolises several pieces of equipment at once was. I don’t know if I’m just unbelievably petty, but she’ll put her things on a mat she isn’t using while she does things on a box with two sets of dumbells (one of which I needed) and a kettlebell, and uses one of the cable/pulley machines. Pick an area! It’s just bad gym etiquette. When she went to put the dumbells away, I did follow her and took them back to my mat. Next time I see her arrive, she might find that they’re mysteriously missing. Happy Clappy boy is back too, intruding on my personal space. Joy. 

The 30th of March. 

I am writing this feeling highly irritated because it has felt like there’s been something in my right eye all day, despite me wearing no make up and putting in so many eye drops I’ve lost count. It’s ever so frustrating. 

My arms are sore too, but that is from excessive gymming. It hurts to stretch. Therefore, my day has been split between Monica and crocheting. I finished the shoes of the schoolgirl outfit, so I dressed the doll in her new clothes and put her hair in plaits. There are instructions for a satchel but I was not going to source and buy tiny buckles just for that. I think she looks just grand. 

I gave Monica some hugs this afternoon, while I searched for something new to watch on Netflix. I came upon a series that they’ve done called “Between”, about a town called Pretty Lake in which everyone over the age of 22 seems to be dying. How perplexing. I just watched the first episode and there appear to be only six so it won’t be long before I’m searching for something else. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

The 27th of March. 

I need a lie down. So full of chocolate. 

Usually I hate the clocks going forward, losing an hour of sleep, despite it meaning we’re just reverting to the way things were before. However, I was quite happy to wake up early because I had been having a very distressing dream that I won’t go into the details of but I’ll just say that I was being held captive by an extremely unpleasant man. 

This morning, I watched Sunday Brunch while I blogged, and successfully resisted the call of the two Cadbury eggs with my name on. Well, there’s one now. 

Grandma came for lunch, which was lamb. It was supposed to be venison but tradition won. Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed. Then everyone had lemon meringue pie except me because I am not a fan – I had lemon drizzle cake. So at least I stuck with the theme.

After food, I went to sit with Monica and we watched Olympus Has Fallen. That is one bloody film. I mean a serious amount of death. Even more than Deadpool. I also found it concerning that no one in the White House changed security codes in 18 months. 

Now, back to reading The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair, and stretching out my excessively full-of-chocolate stomach. 

The 28th of March. 

Finally, I got a decent sleep. No scary dreams, no waking up super early, just a lovely lie-in (well, until half past nine).

Instead of all the stuff I usually watch, we relied on recorded shows on the TiVo box. Thank the Lord for Marvel Mondays. Nothing particularly dramatic in today’s episodes though.

I have nothing of much interest or excitement to say. I decided to do some more crocheting, so I finished the schoolgirl dress, and I made two socks. They’re so small and fiddly, I couldn’t do the shoes too. My eyes can only work so hard for so long. 

When I’d completed the second sock, I went to see Monica and ended up getting to the end of Pretty Little Liars and I don’t know if I am done with it or even more intrigued. Monica tried to play with my necklace, and when I took it off her, she sunk one of her claws into my finger. Now sporting a plaster. We need to clip her claws but I think it might be a team effort. Those little daggers are dangerous. 

The 25th of March. 

The impact that some sunshine and good music can have on my mood is remarkable. 

Seriously. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine is such a boost, I really should just move to California. Ha. I stayed in my pyjamas all morning because it is always difficult to put on my gym leggings directly after I’ve showered and moisturised. Mommy and Christine went to do a food shop just after twelve, so I went to get dressed, and then I sat around for nearly two hours waiting for them to return so I could a) have the pretzel they were buying for me and b) go to the gym. 

I did eventually get my pretzel (they took so long because the world and his wife had also gone shopping), then it was gym time. Driving in the sun with You Get What You Give by New Radicals on the radio just filled me with joy. I couldn’t then move on to modern music for my workout, so I downloaded Ministry of Sound: Made in the 90s and felt like dancing while I pumped iron but I refrained. Love a bit of Lighthouse Family. 

This evening I was out at The Glee again, seeing John Robins. I was adopted by a lovely group of people, so for once I had people to sit with and we had a jolly time. I’m not sure John will remember the gig particularly favourably, what with the offstage mic not working, problems with the lights and air con, and the group who didn’t know what they had come to and talked until they had to be removed. We all had fun though!

The 26th of March. 

Back to grey skies, wet hair and cold toes. Springtime it is not. 

It was another morning of writing for me. Going out in the evenings is messing up my journal time. So this morning I wrote about last night, then blogged about the previous two days. All that during James Martin’s last Saturday Kitchen, which was very distracting. I enjoyed the montage they had made for him. 

We caught up with last night’s Last Leg over lunch, and this afternoon was a family trip to the cinema to see Zootropolis. No car park altercations this time, mainly because it was so busy, Daddy had to drop us off and go and park in the multi-storey. The screen was full of children, one of whom sprayed me with a burst of their Fruit Shoot, but mercifully I wasn’t too damp. They did not feel my wrath. We saw some really awful trailers; the stuff they are peddling to kids now is really shit. When the film started, they all miraculously shut up!

It was slightly darker than I had anticipated. The trailers didn’t really give much away about the plot but let’s just say, some of the dialogue could be transposed into the real world right now very easily. Lots of little things to pick up on and feel smug about it you’re a Pixar nerd, and not a tear in sight for once!

The 23rd of March. 

Most of me aches less than yesterday, but my arms are much worse after my jabs this morning. The GP’s was nice and quiet, no one coughing at me, and I was called through quickly (as I expected, it was only twenty past nine, not much time for them to be running late). We did then however have to sit there for ages while the nurse rang people at the QE because she had a query about the order of the vaccines. She was eventually told to just do it the way it said on the protocol. Pah. Three injections today; one in my left arm, two in my right. Both hurt a lot. I’m not sure how easy sleeping is going to be. 

This afternoon was Hallfield’s Easter service, where I was reading The Resurrection. I got there half an hour before it was due to start and panicked because I couldn’t find Roger who had my reading, but a teacher I grabbed was able to help me and it was all fine. I sat near the front with the parents of the children in the choir (who were SO GOOD, I was so impressed with their harmonies) and when it was my turn, I climbed up to the lectern and read my passage, trying not to go too fast, and to enunciate. I realised afterwards that I hadn’t looked at the audience really at all, so I need to work on that for AN talks. 

It’s 14 years since I was last in that church. That doesn’t seem possible. 

The 24th of March. 

Another early morning, although I had half an hour more sleep than yesterday. Shaki came to pick me and Monica up at half nine, although it took us a little while to get her into the carrier. She did sad mews all the way to the vet. Once there, she was very good; she let the vet weigh and jab her, then she slinked around on the floor, looking very suspicious. We talked about the kind of home she needs, and came to the conclusion that she needs to be an indoor cat. This was reinforced by that kitty we saw on the way out with an RSPCA lady – he’d been hit by a car and was frozen in shock. I have never seen anything like it. 

I left Monica alone when we got back, because she was sulking and I had a blog post to do. I went to see her when I had finished and she forgave me. 

Christine came home today for Easter, and when she arrived, I took her to meet Monica, who immediately became her friend. Such a friendly kitty. We only had an hour at home before going out again, so it was a brief hug. We went to eat at Ed’s Diner before Jeffery Deaver, which meant burgers all round. I became friends with a baby in the next table, who looked just like Herbie and liked to wave. I am the baby whisperer. 

Jeffery was great, as always. This time, he talked about how to write, why he writes, famous rejection. He made me want to write the book everyone keeps telling me to put together. I still don’t know. In the signing, he didn’t recognise me because I was standing and had cheekbones, but when I reminded him, he seemed delighted by how well I look. The difference steroids can make!

The 21st of March. 

Sleepy again but in a different way to yesterday. I went back to the gym so my body is pooped. 

It took what seemed like my entire morning to write up my blog post today. It was slightly longer than usual but not ridiculously so, but I did also get a little bit distracted when I went to see Monica because she was doing sad mews at the door. I need to take some photos of her for the Cats Protection website – all the ones of her I have are against the carpet and I’ve been told that’s not a good background. 

After lunch, I made my return to the gym. Jess was surprised to see me come up the stairs – I didn’t feel spectacular at the top but it was better than waiting for the lift in the cold. I did all the things fairly well and everything was dandy until the chest press, when who should walk past but No Pants Man? In the exact same trousers as last time and I just can’t be having that. If it were normal, I’d be able to see the penis of every man in the gym and that is not the case. I pointed him out to Jess and she said she’d see if one of the guys could have a word. Pants next time please. 

Tonight I’m on my own because Daddy has a work do so both parents are out at that. Microwave paella for me!

The 22nd of March. 

You know, you wake up in the morning and turn on the tv, expecting to see Lorraine gabbing away with some chap about pretty dresses, but the news is still on because some horrible bastards have blown themselves up and taken innocent people with them. There’s nothing I can say about it that would have any meaning. Social media has been inspiring and disappointing. People trying to use the tragedy for their own agenda. I’m just sad. 

I managed to get some photos of Monica on the blanket so I’ve sent those off to Lisa who does the Cats Protection website and database, and I’ll need to send her an update on Thursday because Shaki snd I are taking Monica for her second set of vaccinations, so we can consult the vet as to whether she still needs to be an indoor cat. 

Jamie came round to get a key for his house because he didn’t have one for the new lock, and he wanted to meet Monica so we went and had a chat in her room. While we were in there, Sadie, one of our neighbours, rang the doorbell and let us know that Joan who used to live next door died last night. In a way it’s better – her dementia had become quite severe and she wasn’t the Joan we knew anymore. More sad. 

Lastly, I’m in huge amounts of pain. All my muscles hurt post-gym and I’m hobbling like an old woman. I hope it’s better tomorrow; I’ve got to walk up the church in front of loads of people! I’d like to not look ridiculous.

The 19th of March. 

It’s been a very long day. Left New Street at ten to eight, got back twelve hours and twenty minutes later. Awake at twenty past five. Zopiclone required for sleep; my brain is so whizzy. 

My train journey down was uneventful, just was left waiting for the assistance man at Euston to meet me when the train arrived. He was nowhere to be seen, so some very kind people asked the train manager for help and he got the ramp for me. 

Cab to Anthony Nolan was easy. He knew where I wanted to go, so left me at some large gates where I was pressing buttons in the hopes of being let in. I was about to call someone, when Billie from AN saw me and buzzed the gates open so I could come inside. I was the first one there, and Billie, Liz and I were joined by Craig (AN fundraising) and the other Young Ambassadors – Will, Amanda, Emma and Megan. 

There was a welcome and generic ice-breaking stuff, and the morning was spent learning about the different areas of AN – first the history, how donating works, and what each department does (fundraising, volunteering, public relations ie talking to MP’s, and media/press). Obviously all of this was interrupted by us all asking questions and adding our own stories. 

There were M&S sandwiches for lunch so we shared those out, and a photographer had arrived so we all took turns having our portraits done (she was very sweet, telling me how photogenic I am and how great I look on camera 💁🏼), then we had a group photo outside where we snuggled together like penguins in a huddle. 

The afternoon session began with a session on register development (how we get more donors), then we talked about how to take care of ourselves when in our role, to make sure we don’t have a breakdown, essentially. Then the most fun part, presentation skills! Things to be aware of when we talk. We had to prepare a 2-3 minute talk about a moment in which we were proud of ourselves. I talked about GCSE results and it was excruciating because I hate being put on the spot. We all had issues. 

And we were done! Finished an hour early so I got a taxi to St. Pancras where I had some tasty dinner before returning to Euston for my busy train. I hid behind my book. Just 100 pages left!

The 20th of March. 

Zopiclone means I am sleepy. I set my alarm for 9.45 but I snoozed until ten past ten. Thankfully Sunday Brunch started late so I didn’t miss any of it. The house was quiet because Mommy was out at the NEC and Daddy was down the garden, so I pottered about, said hi to Monica, made sure she had enough food and water, then got the same for myself. 

Most of my morning was spent writing. Writing about yesterday, which took a while, then writing the blog post that I would’ve done yesterday. So yeah, lots of writing. 

Once finished, I had my lunch, and Mommy had brought me a bonus brownie from the craft show (?) so I had my second one in two days. Oh well. 

My afternoon was dedicated to finishing The Steel Kiss. Even on high alert, I didn’t expect the twists. I was right about one aspect I thought seemed dodgy but that was the only thing. Also, I plan to question Jeffery about the epilogue. Will have to be careful in how I phrase it though, I don’t want to do any spoilers, especially for the die-hard Lincoln Rhyme fans. 

Since then, I’ve been having a very restful faux-nap. Eyes shut but brain awake. Cosy. 

The 17th of March. 

Well, today has not been massively interesting. I had considered going back to the gym, but I don’t want that to result in me being crippled on Saturday. I don’t want to meet new people and be making noises of pain every time I move. 

So I hung out with the kitty a little bit this morning, and after lunch I’ve been catching up on some recorded tv and new Pretty Little Liars. I saw Limitless and recognised one of the actors, so looked him up on idmb and realised he was Quinn in Dexter, and now he’s in this, dating Deb from Dexter! This makes me very happy. 

On Pretty Little Liars, I’m now on the second part of the sixth season yet they still haven’t gained any common sense, and some of them no fashion sense either. They all need a good shaking. 

That’s it really! I have a Skype date tonight with a friend who watches PLL so I’m going to watch it with her (although she’s only on season 2) and try not to do any spoilers. I only hope Mommy is able to cope with all the recordings on the box tonight. 

The 18th of March. 

I’ve taken a pause from Jeffery Deaver to write this, so as soon I’m finished, it’s right back to The Steel Kiss. 

I usually wash my hair on a Sunday, but I wanted to do it before my trip to London tomorrow. I stayed in my pyjamas afterwards because my tummy was rumbling and so I prioritised food over getting dressed. I had my breakfast, did a blog post and went to top up Monica’s food. I’ve started a bag of a different brand of dried food but she doesn’t seem to have noticed; she started wolfing it down straight away. 

After I’d got dressed and we’d had lunch, Mommy and I went into town to pick up my book, take back the pair of pyjama bottoms I didn’t need, and buy spare lip balm and a Creme Egg. 

I started reading in the car, took a break when I got home to repaint my nails because I didn’t want chipped ones tomorrow, then back to the book. I think I’ll be finished by the end of the weekend.