The 3rd & 4th; I just sound like a walrus.

March 5, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 3rd of March. 

Zopiclone, Olbas Oil, Strepsils and Difflam are what’s getting me through this. I finally got some sleep again with the aid of drugs, so feel fairly human still, I just sound like a walrus every time I have a coughing fit. 

I had an email from Anthony Nolan about the training day in March, which will be in London on the 19th. I’ve booked my train tickets and for the first time, I’m going to travel in my wheelchair by myself. Bit scary. The email also reminded me that I’d had another one the other day with some things I needed to fill in and sign so I did those too. This included a short course on data protection with a test at the end which was really stressful! It almost felt like I was back at school. 

A sedate afternoon. I got a blog post done, and we checked our kitty supplies because Shaki is bringing me a new one tomorrow! Her name is Monica (not a cat name) and she has already been through a lot. I am hoping she is wanting hugs. I also got an invitation from Robyn to go and see her, Stu and Herbie in May and I am SO excited I cannot tell you. 

The 4th of March. 

No kitty. I spent my morning all excited, watching every car that went past, hoping it was Shaki. However, she called me having left the vet and now she may or may not come tomorrow. Basically, she’s had some tremors, and has had a blood test today, the results of which will come back tomorrow. Shaki doesn’t want to bring me a cat who I’ll have to be taking to the vet all the time, so I just have to wait a little bit longer. 

So the only fun event of the day has been Christine coming home for the weekend. I was watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars which she hasn’t seen yet so she wasn’t allowed in until had finished. 

My cough and mouth feel better. Not 100%, but improved. I am greatly pleased by this because I was not enamoured with the prospect of more tongue injections. 

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