The 17th & 18th; Right back to The Steel Kiss.

March 20, 2016 — 2 Comments

The 17th of March. 

Well, today has not been massively interesting. I had considered going back to the gym, but I don’t want that to result in me being crippled on Saturday. I don’t want to meet new people and be making noises of pain every time I move. 

So I hung out with the kitty a little bit this morning, and after lunch I’ve been catching up on some recorded tv and new Pretty Little Liars. I saw Limitless and recognised one of the actors, so looked him up on idmb and realised he was Quinn in Dexter, and now he’s in this, dating Deb from Dexter! This makes me very happy. 

On Pretty Little Liars, I’m now on the second part of the sixth season yet they still haven’t gained any common sense, and some of them no fashion sense either. They all need a good shaking. 

That’s it really! I have a Skype date tonight with a friend who watches PLL so I’m going to watch it with her (although she’s only on season 2) and try not to do any spoilers. I only hope Mommy is able to cope with all the recordings on the box tonight. 

The 18th of March. 

I’ve taken a pause from Jeffery Deaver to write this, so as soon I’m finished, it’s right back to The Steel Kiss. 

I usually wash my hair on a Sunday, but I wanted to do it before my trip to London tomorrow. I stayed in my pyjamas afterwards because my tummy was rumbling and so I prioritised food over getting dressed. I had my breakfast, did a blog post and went to top up Monica’s food. I’ve started a bag of a different brand of dried food but she doesn’t seem to have noticed; she started wolfing it down straight away. 

After I’d got dressed and we’d had lunch, Mommy and I went into town to pick up my book, take back the pair of pyjama bottoms I didn’t need, and buy spare lip balm and a Creme Egg. 

I started reading in the car, took a break when I got home to repaint my nails because I didn’t want chipped ones tomorrow, then back to the book. I think I’ll be finished by the end of the weekend. 

2 responses to The 17th & 18th; Right back to The Steel Kiss.


    I’m guessing you would recommend this author then? 😉

    Seriously though, I’m always on the lookout for new books to read 😀

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