The 25th & 26th; Sunshine and good music.

March 27, 2016 — 3 Comments

The 25th of March. 

The impact that some sunshine and good music can have on my mood is remarkable. 

Seriously. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine is such a boost, I really should just move to California. Ha. I stayed in my pyjamas all morning because it is always difficult to put on my gym leggings directly after I’ve showered and moisturised. Mommy and Christine went to do a food shop just after twelve, so I went to get dressed, and then I sat around for nearly two hours waiting for them to return so I could a) have the pretzel they were buying for me and b) go to the gym. 

I did eventually get my pretzel (they took so long because the world and his wife had also gone shopping), then it was gym time. Driving in the sun with You Get What You Give by New Radicals on the radio just filled me with joy. I couldn’t then move on to modern music for my workout, so I downloaded Ministry of Sound: Made in the 90s and felt like dancing while I pumped iron but I refrained. Love a bit of Lighthouse Family. 

This evening I was out at The Glee again, seeing John Robins. I was adopted by a lovely group of people, so for once I had people to sit with and we had a jolly time. I’m not sure John will remember the gig particularly favourably, what with the offstage mic not working, problems with the lights and air con, and the group who didn’t know what they had come to and talked until they had to be removed. We all had fun though!

The 26th of March. 

Back to grey skies, wet hair and cold toes. Springtime it is not. 

It was another morning of writing for me. Going out in the evenings is messing up my journal time. So this morning I wrote about last night, then blogged about the previous two days. All that during James Martin’s last Saturday Kitchen, which was very distracting. I enjoyed the montage they had made for him. 

We caught up with last night’s Last Leg over lunch, and this afternoon was a family trip to the cinema to see Zootropolis. No car park altercations this time, mainly because it was so busy, Daddy had to drop us off and go and park in the multi-storey. The screen was full of children, one of whom sprayed me with a burst of their Fruit Shoot, but mercifully I wasn’t too damp. They did not feel my wrath. We saw some really awful trailers; the stuff they are peddling to kids now is really shit. When the film started, they all miraculously shut up!

It was slightly darker than I had anticipated. The trailers didn’t really give much away about the plot but let’s just say, some of the dialogue could be transposed into the real world right now very easily. Lots of little things to pick up on and feel smug about it you’re a Pixar nerd, and not a tear in sight for once!

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    No pic of your pretzel? I love pretzels when they are still warm and doused in cinnamon sugar.

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