The 2nd & 3rd; Meows that sounded like tiny screams.

April 4, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 2nd of April. 

Nobody died today. Well, that’s not strictly true, but seemingly no one famous enough for the news to tell us about. 

It was throwing it down with rain when I woke up, but now it’s so sunny, I’ve had to close the curtains to be able to see. My first quite normal Saturday in a while, not on a train or having to write excessive amounts, and I even had a paper, so I spent my morning writing, reading, then sudoku-ing. I’m out of practise. We watched The Last Leg/Your Mum from last night and they read one of my #isitok tweets! Never loses its novelty. I really should apply for tickets for the next series. 

This afternoon was me, Monica and Netflix. I started watching the second episode of Between and realised it is really fucking depressing, so I stopped that and switched to a show called Fringe. It’s also mildly horrific, but somehow less bleak, even though some of the things happening to people are utterly petrifying. I suppose I’m more focused on the mystery behind it than all the deaths. 

Three episodes of that seemed like enough, so I removed Monica from my lap and went to ice some cupcakes which involve choc-chip Hobnobs. I think we can all agree, a productive day. 

The 3rd of April. 

It’s just got to be a Sunday when I’m doing my writing with a soundtrack of a nature programme on the BBC. It’s about animals which jump and fly, and is very educational. Currently a very dramatic bit about baby birds who need to not get eaten by a snake. It’s quite stressful. 

This morning I had to get my breakfast in between going into Monica’s room to calm her because she was doing meows that sounded like tiny screams which I couldn’t cope with. As soon as I had eaten the last morsel of toast, I went in to let her sit on my lap and she soon quietened down. She’s going to need a home where the people are around most of the time; she’d be very sad if she was always on her own. 

After lunch, I went upstairs to wash my hair and got dressed (my Sundays are very lazy), then I stayed up there and watched Pretty Little Liars with Emma over Skype (because we are cool). She’s only on season 2 so that’s what we’re watching and I’ve forgotten loads of it already. Shows how much my brain retains when it doesn’t think it needs to. The key stuff is still there but I am having to go back to Wikipedia to check things. I’m also thrown off by texts from Christine because she’s just finished season 6, so I have to remember who I’m talking to. 

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