The 6th & 7th; I was having the most fun.

April 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 6th of April. 

I thought I might go to the gym this afternoon, but I woke up to a text from Becky asking if I wanted to catch up this afternoon, and to be honest that was going to be more fun, so the leggings went back in the wardrobe. 

After I’d written up my blog post this morning, I went back upstairs to the bathroom to have a bit of a pampering session because I haven’t done that for ages. Although my kind of pampering is really just a lot of nice moisturiser. So now I’m super soft!

After lunch, Mommy went to see Grandma, and I went to see Monica/await Becky’s arrival. When the doorbell rang, I had to remove the kitty from my lap to let her in, and we had a good long chat. She’s signed up to Cats Protection now so when the right cat/kitten comes along, she and James can have one or two. We talked about James’ upcoming birthday, the wedding they went to last week, and the progress on the house. Plus all the usual japes from school – thank god for the holidays!

The blinding sun is back, while it rains and is windy. This is just not on. 

The 7th of April. 

I had my second rubbish night in a row, being so hot I had to remove all my layers of blankets and duvet until I was comfortable enough to sleep. I didn’t drop off until past midnight both nights which is very late for me!

This morning I had a visit to the chiro to have Trine crunch my bones. My back needed some work, but it was mainly my neck that she had to knead – I had a large knot on the left side that was quite serious. She put some BioFreeze on afterwards so I wasn’t in too much pain. 

Quick trip into Sutton to buy many birthday/anniversary cards (April is busy), then home for lunch. I said hello to Monica because she was sad from being alone, then it was gym time. I didn’t have any stress at any other people today, and I had a great time listening to some 90s R’n’B. I’m pretty sure I can guarantee I was having the most fun in that place, with Honeyz, Eternal and En Vogue soundtracking my workout. 

I got my first Anthony Nolan job (job?) today. I’ll have to go down to London on the 1st and 6th of June to talk to students about transplant and answer their questions, and be filmed speaking about the impact Anthony Nolan have had. 

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