The 14th & 15th; All a bit scary and stressful.

April 16, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 14th of April. 

I have had to force myself to stop reading The Sandman so I can write this. It’s so good, I am desperate to find out what happens next. 

Still very tired after Tuesday’s late night. I have nothing to get up early for tomorrow so I hopefully will get a decent sleep tonight. Most of my morning was taken up writing up my blog (so much to write about Hans), so I only had half an hour to sit with Monica before lunch. She is not my best friend right now because I haven’t spent enough time with her. 

This afternoon, I was back in the gym. I had a pretty good session, only had to rework one bit of my routine. Hoarder Lady must have come in early today, as she was finished by the time I was about half way through. I do hope she decides to adopt this new time as a regular thing. 

Now, back to my book. I am absolutely devouring it. 

The 15th of April. 

Finished the book. That was my morning. After breakfast and coffee, I went to sit with Monica because she’s been over-grooming and I wanted to watch her to check she wasn’t still doing it, and I took The Sandman with me. I now really want to read the next one in the Joona Linna series, but that isn’t out until the 5th of May so I’ll have to wait a few weeks. I already have an Amazon voucher earmarked for it. 

This afternoon, Daddy and I went to see The Jungle Book. I had not been particularly keen because I never liked it as a child; I found it all a bit scary and stressful, especially the bit with the monkeys. That has not changed. I remained in a state of concern throughout the film, worrying about what peril was to come. I also had questions, such as why do only some of the animals speak English? Basically all of them except the elephants. And how do Mowgli’s trousers from when he was a baby still fit him? Annoying. The CGI was insanely great though – at the beginning, I was thinking “How have they done this?” but I had to let that go, and I forgot it was CGI at all. As in, it just looks real. Amazing. 

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    Your winged eyeliner tho…goals!! Great vest swell – you go girl xx

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