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The 28th of May.

I am coming down from a sugar high. I might be ready to eat again relatively soon. More about that later. 

Woke up this morning to find that Mommy has also got some sort of cold. It’s not great in our house right now. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I’m okay on Wednesday for my Anthony Nolan talk. Let’s not be ill please. I wrote up a blog post, read the paper and let the kittens out for a run. They having a growth spurt so every time I feed them, it disappears pretty much instantaneously. Gabe screams his miaows at me when he’s hungry. I texted Elliot, potential adopter of Gracie, and he’s coming to see her on Thursday. He’s 21, but I am going to have to do my best not to treat him like a child. 

After lunch, Becky and I went to this place in Small Heath called Eis Café where they do insane desserts and milkshakes. Becky had a massive warm cookie in a pan with ice cream and whipped cream, and I had a Fudge Brownie Locoshake. It was enormous and delicious and very, very sugary. By the time we’d finished, we were both eager for a lie down. I am in need of vegetables. Since getting home, I finished the orang-utan body I’m doing, and soon we’re off to see Romesh!

The 29th of May. 

Lovely sunny day so I put on a dress and the kittens went OOH FLESH MUST STAB WITH CLAWS. I am sporting a plaster plus several tiny puncture wounds. Also jeans. Obviously kittens and bare legs are a bad combination. 

This morning I was still in pyjamas, watching Sunday Brunch, and working on the orang-utan’s head. I seem to have got the hang of the fur stitch now, although I don’t think it’s ever going to be my favourite. 

After lunch, I went upstairs to get dressed and finish going through all my notes. I’ve got to the end now, even of the second disc (that one is mainly genetics reports and charts, not much of interest or use). There was a lot in what I read today about the pain I was in post-liver transplant. It was really, truly horrific and I’m not sure if we ever found the definite cause. I think it was to do with my gut GvHD that the accidental stem cell transplant caused. I eventually got off the PCA (patient controlled analgesia aka huge syringe of ketamine), fentanyl lozenges, oxycontin and oxynorm, but that wasn’t until I’d been transferred to the QE so it was at least a year. I really ought to be grateful that I’m not in that kind of agony every day now, but I still have pain, just elsewhere. 

And I still haven’t come up with an ending for my talk! Really going to have to work this out because Wednesday is very soon. 

The 26th of May. 

I love my internet pals so much. One of my instagram IV friends sent me a package today containing a blanket she made, fuzzy socks, a bracelet, a magazine, fairy lights, lip balm, all sorts of cute things, plus a lovely card that definitely did not make me well up. 

My day did not start off in such a wonderful way. When feeding the kittens, I got a claw in the finger that was very small but very sharp. I was applying plasters before I’d even had my coffee. While I drank it, I wrote up a blog post, then I went to let the pointy-toed rascals run around because I was going out this afternoon. I wish I could get them to sit still for ten seconds so I could take more good photos of them. 

Gym after lunch. I needed to go out and move around because my calves were threatening to seize up entirely, and I couldn’t have that. Nobody irritating today, the only bothersome thing that happened was that Super Burpee man arrived so close to the end of my workout, I didn’t get to enjoy him for long. Boo. 

The 27th of May. 

Christ, my calves are still super painful. If Vlad decides we’re doing calf raises again on Monday, I will have to insist upon vast amounts of stretching to minimise recovery time. 

I think I am developing a tiny illness. I am a little bit cough-y and having to blow my nose more than usual, but everything coming out is clear (I know you love the gory details) so I am hoping it won’t last too long. 

I had two phone calls from Sheila this morning because there was a potential adopter for Gabby and Gabe. At first we thought nothing would come of it because the lady wanted too boys, but she saw the pictures and she doesn’t care, they’re so cute, so the second call was to let me know that, and that I was to ring her to arrange a viewing. I did so, and we decided she’d come round at half four, when I would be back from the cinema. 

Daddy and I went to see Money Monster after lunch. Jack O’Connell does a very convincing American accent. It reminded me of The Big Short – the little people losing out because not everybody understands the maths, some people take advantage, and some people colossally fuck up. But they’re never the ones who pay. 

I’d just got my shoes off when Sarah, the potential adopter, arrived, so we sat on the floor while the kittens ran around and we talked. Gabe was very friendly, but Gabby was not being sociable. Still, she’s enamoured, and she wants to take them as soon as they’re ready. 

The 24th of May. 

The shoulders are protesting. This morning I really couldn’t see how I was going to manage a gym session. My back, elbow and shoulders were all sore, and I generally felt somewhat delicate. Had I not been going to see Vlad, I wouldn’t have gone in. 

I wrote up a blog post, then went back upstairs to try and have a rest and get in the right frame of mind. When I went to make my lunch, I also looked for some co-codamol but the box in my drug bag was empty and I didn’t have the impetus to search the cupboard for more. I just made myself a sandwich and got a brownie, but by the time I’d got to the living room to sit down, my back was excruciating. We rang the clinical nurse specialists to see if they could find out the results of my x-rays, but none were available so have to ring back in the morning. 

My session with Vlad was booked in for 2, but I was early and his previous client was slightly late, so I did 15 minutes of weights before we got started. I explained more about my lungs and all my diseases, then we did some stuff on the mat. Calf raises, some yoga, squats (ugh), press ups, sit ups, leg raises, all sorts of business. By the end I was pooped – he made me sweat. Nobody makes me sweat. I am to practise being mindful of my breathing and some meditation. I think he can teach me some things, so I will give him a go. 

Becky came round to meet the kittens briefly, and confirm our plans for dessert café on Saturday. It’s going to result in a sugar coma. 

The 25th of May. 

Today everything hurts, so I can’t differentiate between vaccination and PT pain. I am very stiff. 

It has been a rather uneventful day. This morning I spoke to Nicola, a CNS, about the results of the x-rays, but the reports haven’t been done yet so she was going to chase them up but I don’t know when we’ll hear back. I spent a couple of hours letting the kittens run around which they used to chase each other and fight. They refuse to be lap cats yet. I shall have to train them. 

After lunch (and the surprise series finale of Criminal Minds, argh), I went upstairs to work on what I’m going to say to the students at Anthony Nolan next week. However, I got really engrossed in my notes because I’d got to the admission in Halloween 2008 and that’s when it all got interesting. It was very difficult – at times I had to stop reading because it was a horrific period in my life. I only kept going because I knew it got better. I found out that when my DNA was confusing, the doctors were actually really concerned about the cancer coming back again, but I wasn’t informed because I was so depressed, it was decided I couldn’t handle it. Thankfully, because I am excellent, my body refused to succumb to what was expected, and instead I am “exceptional…in medical literature”, as written by Mark Velangi when I was denied funding for photopheresis. 

So instead of practising my talk, I was absorbed by the story of the impossible girl. 

The 22nd of May. 

Oh my God we have just received the new kittens and they are so CUTE and SHORT and FAT. Gabe, Gabby and Gracie (I did not name these).

It’s been a very cat-heavy day. Began with pretty Oscar paying a visit to our roof so it was nice to see him for the first time in a while. I let the kittens out early so they could expend some energy before all the adoptions. Shaki arrived first and we were filling in paperwork when Freddie’s new family came. We went through the rigmarole of all the forms, they asked some questions, and then he was gone! The other two barely noticed. There was about fifteen minutes before Simon and his sons came for Frieda and Freya, so I gave Shaki her crocheted Charlie which she loves, and she managed half a cup of tea before we had to start again. Double the paperwork for double the cats, and lots of discussion about introducing them to their other cat, plus the living situation, but I am sure it will all be fine. 

Daddy and I went to see X-Men: Apocalypse this afternoon. It’s not exactly Oscar Isaac’s best work but it can be forgiven. I always forget how attractive Michael Fassbender is. They pack a lot in but essentially this is the origins story of The Phoenix. Jean Grey is the best. Also, leaving an X-Men film is one of the few times one can feel remotely cool in a wheelchair. 

Home for about twenty minutes and Shaki’s back with the new kitties! I will be staring at them all evening. 

The 23rd of May. 

I had two dreams about my back pain last night – in the first, I was told that the reason for the pain was going to cause a massive internal haemorrhage, and they needed to make me ill to make me well again, and in the second, I was told there was no reason for the pain at all. I am not sure which of those scenarios is worse. 

The post-vaccination pain is kicking in. I am not looking forward to my session with Vlad tomorrow. I’ll have to warn him to lay off the shoulders. 

This morning, after I finally finished writing up my fabulous weekend, I let the kittens out for the first time. We have blocked up every possible hiding place, because we don’t want them finding a new, undesirable toilet (they are not 100% litter trained yet). I still watched them like a hawk though. At first, it was hard for them to even get out of the cage because their legs are so short (!) and they had to do little hops! Once they’d got used to the carpet, they were running around and fighting under the chair. 

After lunch, it was off the GP for my third set of jabs. One in each arm, just one more in seven months. Very little waiting, in and out super fast! Before going home, we went into Sutton so I could return a Topshop dress I ordered in two sizes, get some more micellar water and look at fuzzy wool. Accomplished the first two – there was no good wool. To the internet!

Back at home, I went to see the kittens again, and everything was going spiffingly until I suddenly became aware that the running around had stopped. Gabe and Gabby were lying on the floor, looking at me, and I couldn’t see Gracie. I muted the tv, and I heard teeny tiny mews, barely audible. I worked out that they were coming from under the bed, so I moved the fence we made around it, and there she was! I scooped her up and fussed her, and it was almost a blessing because she wasn’t sure about me, but now I’ve saved her, we are friends!

The 20th of May. 

I am feeling very excited about this weekend. Tonight is Katherine Ryan, tomorrow off to meet the Wilder-Heritages and Sunday is X-Men!

Today has not been particularly thrilling. Blog post this morning, then let the kitties run around and be mental. Lots of playfighting today. I tend to let them carry on until there is crying or growling, then I intervene. 

After lunch, I decided to go to the gym. However, that turned out to be kind of a bad idea because a) it was very busy and b) there were lots of people there who irritate me. After an hour and a bit, I’d had enough, so I binned off the rest and went home. 

Since then, I have got changed, made myself presentable and re-done my nails. I shall update after the show. 

[Time passes.]

Such a fun gig. When you enter a venue to the calypso beats of Sorry by Justin Bieber you know it’s going to be good. We were gifted an extra set of 45 minutes by her support, Stephen Bailey, who is very funny and delightfully filthy. He was not fazed by a staunch defender of Blackpool. In the interval I got taken backstage by Annie the tour manager for a brief dressing room hang, where I presented Katherine with Violet’s elephant, and we talked about my blog, how no one hits on me at the gym and the fact that we have zero chill. I always have such fun with comedy pals, and Stephen is now a member of the cool gang. 

Katherine’s set was excellent as always, and she dealt very well with the drunk chap in front of us. He was very irksome. But now I must go to bed because I have a very early start tomorrow. 

The 21st of May. 

I love it when a plan comes together. 

This morning we drove down to Ashford so I could meet Robyn, Stu and Herbie. We left at eight, stopped briefly at South Mimms for coffee, and we arrived shortly after twelve. 

Robyn was making our lunch, so Stu and I chatted and I gave Herbie his Moomin and Stu the cookies we made, which reminded him of the gift he’d got for me. It was was a magic/joke kit, from the John Lewis haberdashery because the only other thing there he could find was a make your own pants kit which he didn’t really feel was appropriate, and I concur. Besides, endless fun to be had with fake insects in ice cubes. Herbie was very shy of me at first, but soon enough I was being presented with Lala, Al Fox, books, and even his light-up shoes. I am definitely in there. 

We had a delicious pasta bake for lunch (no mushrooms) which Herbie was not enormously impressed with, but he did then enjoy lots of blueberries. He is full of anti-oxidants, that boy. Much better at fruit than me, evidenced by our pudding of chocolate cake.

After lunch, Herbie got a bit grumbly and tired so Stu took him upstairs for a nap, and Robyn and I swapped medical stories. Stu came back down and we talked about some of the weirder things that have happened, like my hallucinations, and we have a title for my imaginary future book – I Don’t Want To Be A Scone (The Waiter Only Takes The Fancy Bedpans). It’ll all make sense when it comes out, worry not. When Herbie woke up, I showed him the Moomins song on YouTube and we took some photos while I tried to get his attention by making cat noises. 

It was time to go too early; I was having such a lovely time. Meetings with Twitter friends never last long enough. 

The 18th of May. 

I feel very disappointed in today. I don’t know why – it has hardly been terrible. 

Left the house at half eight to get to clinic as early as possible. It didn’t take long for Andy to call me in, and after a poke and a prod, he requested an x-ray of my lumbar spine for when I was done in clinic. I was supposed to be back next week to see Ram, but Andy asked him if he could see me today and he could, so we waited. It was a good thing I’d taken my book because Ram didn’t call me in until ten to twelve. He requested an x-ray for my elbow, but that’s more to placate me – I don’t think he thinks there’s anything really wrong. Anyway. I got a long list of drugs to take to pharmacy, then toddled off to imagery for my x-rays. We bumped into Janet, the adopter of Monica, because she is an ambulance driver, and she had time to show us a couple of pictures and assure us she was okay which is good to hear. 

A lovely chap called Liam came to get me, and he had the most delightful lilting Irish accent. Scanned both sides of my right elbow, then I signed a form saying I can’t possibly be pregnant, and they did my spine from above and my right side. Lucky for them it’s easy to tell if my bones are in the right place. 

We were supposed to be going into town for some shopping but there wasn’t time – we’d just got home and had lunch before Mommy had to go to Grandma’s to meet her new social worker. I sat with the kittens, trying to decide what I’m going to make for Katherine’s daughter. It’s going to be an elephant – I’m just going to do it at warp speed. 

The 19th of May. 

I have been a crocheting machine of late. Been working very hard on the elephant today and hopefully I’ll finish it tonight. 

This morning I wrote up the blog post that I should have done yesterday, and supervised the kittens playing/fed them and changed their water because they had got food in it. I think they’re all pretty much a-ok now thank God. Please stay fine until Sunday. 

Rosemary came for lunch, so we had a chat for about half an hour held she and Mommy went to eat. I ate mine while catching up on Limitless, then started work on the elephant’s third and fourth legs. 

Rosemary left at two to go back and walk the dog, and Mommy was supposed to go and see Gill in hospital, but she was being moved to a rehab place so it wasn’t a good time. This meant we could have the trip to town we were going to have yesterday. I got a Fruition water bottle, and some more toy stuffing while Mommy took stuff back to M&S. 

Home and back to crocheting! Have to do one more ear and the tail, attach them, then he will be done!

The 16th of May. 

Just said goodbye to Freddie’s new family. He’s going to be a pal for a six year old girl who is very excited about having a kitty. She’s adorable. 

This morning we fought to get the medicine in the kittens’ mouths again. Still not sure if I’m going to have to do it again tomorrow or not. Wrote up a blog post, and I called Elaine to let her know I’ve got the date for my ultrasound. Going to need a full bladder, oh joy. 

Gym this afternoon. I had a rather full-on session – my average heart rate was 151 which is even higher than usual. Normally it’s in the 140s. I had a nice chat with a new trainer called Vlad who offered me a free session so we’ll do that next week and hopefully he might show me some new things that’ll make my routine slightly more interesting. 

Got home and had an hour before Freddie’s probable adopters arrived. We chatted about all the things they’ll need, and the little girl gave Freddie a stroke and chucked some balls around for him. They adore him, and I think they’ll be back for him very soon. 

The 17th of May. 

Ugh I am frustrated and my back is extraordinarily painful. I have just taken two co-codamol in the hopes that will ease it slightly, having spent the past hour bent over trying to create the black markings on Charlie the cat’s head. Actually I’ve just had an idea, I’ll try that tomorrow. 

The rest of my day has been largely kitten-based. Didn’t need to fight with them this morning, just fed them, which we all preferred. I came downstairs to find Sheila here basically employing Mommy as a social worker. She’s going to assist in finding a care home for someone. She is the most giving person I know, always doing things for other people and she doesn’t give it a second thought. She is the best woman. 

This afternoon, kittens and Netflix. At one point they escaped into the bathroom which could’ve ended badly but I got them out before I had to pee. For the majority of the time, I watched Fringe and the kittens slept on my lap. They’re all going on Sunday and I will miss them. 

I am so glad to be seeing Andy tomorrow. He better give me some answers, or at least the route to them.