The 30th & 1st; Productive.

May 2, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 30th of April. 

I have had a really rather productive day. 

It began like any other Saturday. Morning spent in my pyjamas, letting the moisturiser sink in. Wrote up a blog post while drinking my coffee. Read the Weekend Guardian and all of its surrounding furnishings (except travel; I’m not a masochist). We had fun watching all the prospective buyers going in and out of next door, approving or not by eye. While I was doing the sudoku, Mommy’s friend Catherine arrived and we had a brief chat before they went out for lunch. 

I got dressed and made myself some food which was incredibly painful for my back. I tune it out for the most part but I am honestly concerned that I might have a vertebrae fracture. Bloody steroids still ruining my life. 

I decided this afternoon I would take everything out of the old chest of drawers and transfer it all into the new one. My whole bed was covered in the contents. I found all sorts in the bottom drawer, namely some animal wool, two condoms, loads of tampons, an alco-wipe, and five tubes of out of date steroid cream. When Mommy returned, she took the old drawers out, vacuumed, and brought the new ones in before bobbying off again to Grandma’s. I put almost everything back in a slightly different arrangement and was very satisfied. 

I returned downstairs and was feeling like I ought to continue in this fashion, so put Looper on Netflix and started on the limbs of the Moomin. Done two legs and an arm. Now it is time for pizza and I’ll finish the rest this evening. 

The 1st of May. 

Another productive day, just somewhat slower and quieter. 

I had a rubbish night; it took me hours to go to sleep because I was too hot despite the fact that it was three degrees outside. When I got up, I was alone in the house, and had just finished my cereal when Mommy and Daddy returned from taking Grandma to church. 

This morning’s task was to assemble the Moomin. That wasn’t too tricky – I used most of the stuffing we have to get the firmness and the shape right, and I just had to squidge his nose into form. What seemed to take the longest was the eyes. I did the first one quite easily with embroidery thread, but I couldn’t get the second one to cooperate. After much ado, unpicking and redoing it, I gave it a try with wool and that worked straightaway. I’m very pleased with him and I hope the Wilder-Heritages love him just as much. 

After lunch, I wanted to finish The Loney. In all honesty, I did not enjoy it much. I think I was expecting something different to what I got. If you don’t like a lot of blather about God and not really getting any answers, I wouldn’t recommend it. I think I’ll read Sara’s book next and I know that’ll be great. 

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