The 10th & 11th; Thousands more pages of notes.

May 14, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 10th of May. 

The weather could not be more different. Pissed it down all day. I am back in long sleeved thermals and a jumper. 

This morning I wrote up a blog post and received an order of some new trainers because mine are a good few years old now and I thought it was time. I bought some size 7s from Adidas and some 6.5s from New Balance because I wasn’t sure which would fit best. Definitely the Adidas, which is preferable having seen both in real life. The New Balance ones have really weird laces? They were sort of plasticky? Not a fan. 

After lunch, Daddy and I actually to see Florence Foster Jenkins. Hugh Grant is not my favourite but he is tolerable in it. Simon Helberg not being Howard Wolowitz is something one really has to get used to. Meryl Streep obviously brilliant. It’s sweet, funny, and sad. I nearly had a cry at the end. 

On the way home, I had a call from Shaki to discuss the neutering of the kittens and when she can pick them up on Thursday, but I think we’ll be taking them to her at the vet, then coming home and then going to Wales. 

I also spoke to Elaine, and an ultrasound has been ordered so I should get an appointment in the next couple of weeks, and an appointment with a nurse should come through too. So all is positive!

The 11th of May. 

Despite the 180 degree turn in weather, I still had to take off my pyjama bottoms in bed last night because I was too warm. 

This morning was pretty quiet; I mainly sat in the back room while the kittens rampaged around, chasing balls, mice and each other. It’ll be sad when Freddie is on his own but hopefully it won’t be for long as there’s a family interested in having him! I spoke to the mum earlier and they’ll be coming on Monday or Tuesday. 

I was upstairs all afternoon. I needed to plug my iPod in if I wanted to listen to anything on it on the way to Wales as it hasn’t been charged or updated for months and there is a lot of new music since then. Read through thousands more pages of notes (although loads are just fluid balance or medication charts so I don’t need to read those). I found letters from the search for a second BMT donor, my liver transplant data sheet which has all the times from the op regarding anaesthesia and clamps etc, and I discovered that I had my second BMT anniversary wrong too! It was a day earlier than I thought. 

This evening I had an Old Hallfieldians meeting, always a jolly. Nothing I can really report, just that I was given the leftover wine to take home! When it was over, I was stood around waiting for Daddy with the white wine in my bag and the red in my hand, just oozing class. 

One response to The 10th & 11th; Thousands more pages of notes.


    I have read your blog for what seems for forever! You have an amazing spirit and I feel very privileged to have a little insight into your world! My own son beat cancer twice, first time when he was 12 and again when he was 13! You are both very similar in your approach to life and people should take a leaf from your book and appreciate life! I would just like to say you are amazing!
    Ps you should sell some of your crocheted animals! I know I would
    Love one for my little 5 year old! X

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