The 22nd & 23rd; So CUTE and SHORT and FAT.

May 24, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 22nd of May. 

Oh my God we have just received the new kittens and they are so CUTE and SHORT and FAT. Gabe, Gabby and Gracie (I did not name these).

It’s been a very cat-heavy day. Began with pretty Oscar paying a visit to our roof so it was nice to see him for the first time in a while. I let the kittens out early so they could expend some energy before all the adoptions. Shaki arrived first and we were filling in paperwork when Freddie’s new family came. We went through the rigmarole of all the forms, they asked some questions, and then he was gone! The other two barely noticed. There was about fifteen minutes before Simon and his sons came for Frieda and Freya, so I gave Shaki her crocheted Charlie which she loves, and she managed half a cup of tea before we had to start again. Double the paperwork for double the cats, and lots of discussion about introducing them to their other cat, plus the living situation, but I am sure it will all be fine. 

Daddy and I went to see X-Men: Apocalypse this afternoon. It’s not exactly Oscar Isaac’s best work but it can be forgiven. I always forget how attractive Michael Fassbender is. They pack a lot in but essentially this is the origins story of The Phoenix. Jean Grey is the best. Also, leaving an X-Men film is one of the few times one can feel remotely cool in a wheelchair. 

Home for about twenty minutes and Shaki’s back with the new kitties! I will be staring at them all evening. 

The 23rd of May. 

I had two dreams about my back pain last night – in the first, I was told that the reason for the pain was going to cause a massive internal haemorrhage, and they needed to make me ill to make me well again, and in the second, I was told there was no reason for the pain at all. I am not sure which of those scenarios is worse. 

The post-vaccination pain is kicking in. I am not looking forward to my session with Vlad tomorrow. I’ll have to warn him to lay off the shoulders. 

This morning, after I finally finished writing up my fabulous weekend, I let the kittens out for the first time. We have blocked up every possible hiding place, because we don’t want them finding a new, undesirable toilet (they are not 100% litter trained yet). I still watched them like a hawk though. At first, it was hard for them to even get out of the cage because their legs are so short (!) and they had to do little hops! Once they’d got used to the carpet, they were running around and fighting under the chair. 

After lunch, it was off the GP for my third set of jabs. One in each arm, just one more in seven months. Very little waiting, in and out super fast! Before going home, we went into Sutton so I could return a Topshop dress I ordered in two sizes, get some more micellar water and look at fuzzy wool. Accomplished the first two – there was no good wool. To the internet!

Back at home, I went to see the kittens again, and everything was going spiffingly until I suddenly became aware that the running around had stopped. Gabe and Gabby were lying on the floor, looking at me, and I couldn’t see Gracie. I muted the tv, and I heard teeny tiny mews, barely audible. I worked out that they were coming from under the bed, so I moved the fence we made around it, and there she was! I scooped her up and fussed her, and it was almost a blessing because she wasn’t sure about me, but now I’ve saved her, we are friends!

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    The kittens are so adorable 😊

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