The 26th & 27th; I love my internet pals so much.

May 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 26th of May. 

I love my internet pals so much. One of my instagram IV friends sent me a package today containing a blanket she made, fuzzy socks, a bracelet, a magazine, fairy lights, lip balm, all sorts of cute things, plus a lovely card that definitely did not make me well up. 

My day did not start off in such a wonderful way. When feeding the kittens, I got a claw in the finger that was very small but very sharp. I was applying plasters before I’d even had my coffee. While I drank it, I wrote up a blog post, then I went to let the pointy-toed rascals run around because I was going out this afternoon. I wish I could get them to sit still for ten seconds so I could take more good photos of them. 

Gym after lunch. I needed to go out and move around because my calves were threatening to seize up entirely, and I couldn’t have that. Nobody irritating today, the only bothersome thing that happened was that Super Burpee man arrived so close to the end of my workout, I didn’t get to enjoy him for long. Boo. 

The 27th of May. 

Christ, my calves are still super painful. If Vlad decides we’re doing calf raises again on Monday, I will have to insist upon vast amounts of stretching to minimise recovery time. 

I think I am developing a tiny illness. I am a little bit cough-y and having to blow my nose more than usual, but everything coming out is clear (I know you love the gory details) so I am hoping it won’t last too long. 

I had two phone calls from Sheila this morning because there was a potential adopter for Gabby and Gabe. At first we thought nothing would come of it because the lady wanted too boys, but she saw the pictures and she doesn’t care, they’re so cute, so the second call was to let me know that, and that I was to ring her to arrange a viewing. I did so, and we decided she’d come round at half four, when I would be back from the cinema. 

Daddy and I went to see Money Monster after lunch. Jack O’Connell does a very convincing American accent. It reminded me of The Big Short – the little people losing out because not everybody understands the maths, some people take advantage, and some people colossally fuck up. But they’re never the ones who pay. 

I’d just got my shoes off when Sarah, the potential adopter, arrived, so we sat on the floor while the kittens ran around and we talked. Gabe was very friendly, but Gabby was not being sociable. Still, she’s enamoured, and she wants to take them as soon as they’re ready. 

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