The 5th & 6th; The London assistance team are useless.

June 7, 2016

The 5th of June. 

Just had to put my book down when it’s all getting exciting. Still, there is nothing of interest on television tonight so I will probably be getting back to it. 

I know this will be surprising, but it has been another very quiescent day. Had to feed the kittens as soon as I got downstairs because they had eaten every last morsel of what I left them last night. It’s going to be good when Gabe’s neutered; he’s so aggressive, guarding his food! I have had to separate him and Gracie a few times because he’s been attacking her and she’s done a tiny scream. I will not have that. 

Sunday Brunch and a blog post, then this afternoon I watched Netflix while the kittens fought in the material of my dress. I also learned from Christine that Ravi the hot morgue tech from iZombie is doing stand up at this car show we’re going to for Daddy’s birthday! Unfortunately, he’ll be there in the evening when we are not. Bah!

The weather will be good tomorrow and I love London in the sunshine. I just have to hope the icing on the cakes I intend to buy doesn’t melt in the heat. 

The 6th of June. 

London again! But in much better weather than last week. Summer in the capital always reminds me of when we were there for the Paralympics and everyone was lovely to each other. 

I was on my first train this morning about forty minutes before anyone else so I’d almost finished the paper by the time we actually set off. The kindly Irish train manager called Paddy made sure I didn’t need anything, and we talked about how the London assistance team are useless. This was proved by the fact that they weren’t there again. Paddy was busy, and the gap between the train and the platform was small so I managed to get the chair off myself. When driving up the platform, I saw the buggy DRIVING AWAY. I was furious. Apoplectic. So I went straight to the office and gave them a very stern talking to. They apologised and said he had to get some other passengers, and I would’ve been fine with that if he’d bothered to tell me, since he knew I was there, but as far as I was concerned, I’d been abandoned. And this happens every time, so we’re going to make a formal complaint. 

The trip to Anthony Nolan was very easy, and the taxi driver had had Tanni Grey-Thompson in his cab and said I reminded him of her which I was delighted about. He also said I’m “chirpy”. The students doing the filming were ready for me when I arrived so we set up on the sofa and I answered all the questions, did a couple of scripted lines, then they filmed me walking and talking while holding an Anthony Nolan mug. Easy!

I had lunch with them, where we discussed climate and universities, then I went on my way. I was supposed to be meeting Suzi, but she had podcast dramas, and was expecting a bed to be delivered (as far as I’m aware it’s yet to materialise) so she had to reschedule. This was fine; I went to the Primrose Bakery where I had a cookies and cream cupcake, which I ate there while on the phone to Mommy, and I bought a red velvet, a vanilla and a salted caramel to take home. Once I’d finished, I decided to go to the zoo. I only had an hour maximum, so I saw the monkeys, including an antisocial gorilla and a tiny baby one, some tigers, warthogs, flamingos, penguins, llamas, various birds, and a donkey. Then I really needed to go, and I didn’t get to see the sloths, so I bought one at the gift shop before getting a taxi back to Euston. 

A man in the WHSmiths there tried to make me buy a litre of water because “it’s bigger” and it had a sports cap so “easier to drink”, then he did a demonstration which included a sound effect. I got on my train home with no trouble, Mommy met me in Birmingham, and we went home, stopping at Tesco to buy three pints of Ben and Jerry’s and a box of Magnums. Summer!