The 7th & 8th; No, you can’t breathe.

June 9, 2016 — 1 Comment

The 7th of June. 

It was, according to the weather app, 24 degrees today. I think not. A storm is on its way, then the warm weather will probably disappear again. 

This morning we went into Sutton, having realised we both needed to get Daddy a birthday (and Father’s Day, in my case) card. We went to Paperchase for those, where the till girl and a customer she was having a chat with told me how much they liked my hair. This was after I’d just said to Mommy in the lift that it was probably time to give James his second attempt at the lilac. Oh well! Also bought some more toothpaste because the new “fruit blast” one I have been using tastes like no fruit I’ve ever tried, and a pretzel because when one’s in the vicinity, why not?

When we got home, Oscar was in the garden! I went out and he ran up the grass to me, because I am special. I gave him lots of head rubs and tummy tickles and we were having a jolly time until the wind blew two plastic bottles over which frightened him so he ran away. We ate our lunch, then before she went to see Grandma, we thought we’d weigh Gracie top see how she’s getting on. To our delight, she’s up to 890g! I’ve texted Shaki with this news and have yet to hear back, but am hoping this means we can get them neutered soon!

The 8th of June. 

The thunderstorms have arrived. Absolutely chucked it down this afternoon. It’s still unbearably close though; sleeping will not be easy. 

I think I’m nearly better from this cough. Hopefully I can return to the gym next week, although I weighed myself this morning and I am, miraculously, still the same as I was last time, before the cough started. Not bringing up much junk anymore, just dry coughs. Still, I’m not there yet. Bloody lungs, making everything take longer. I had a dream last night that I could walk around normally again. Those are the worst because waking up is always a reality check. No, you can’t breathe, you can’t do things. Ugh. 

Another kittens and Netflix afternoon. They are so hungry all the time, especially Gabe – today he jumped up onto the sideboard (which none of them have previously done) because he was so desperate for more food. I swear I feed them plenty but they are ravenous little things. 

I had to email Andrew Mitchell today about the reception at Westminster in July. Hopefully he’ll come – he has met me before, so I think he will try. We shall see!

One response to The 7th & 8th; No, you can’t breathe.


    Lovely photos. Glad the cough is better.

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