The 19th & 20th; I am boosting the sales of tissue companies.

June 21, 2016 — Leave a comment

The 19th of June. 

I have hand cramp after too much crocheting. Cramp has blighted me today – almost every coughing fit makes my abdominal muscles spasm, and when I was blow-drying my hair earlier, my left hand seized up. So all in all a very poor day for my muscles. 

I had to wrap Daddy’s Father’s Day presents and write his card before I went downstairs this morning, and he was very pleased with his apple brandy caramels and Ladybird Book of Dad. I wrote up a blog post, watched Sunday Brunch, and started crocheting a kitten blanket. I also found that now the coughing fits are making me light-headed, and if it gets any worse we’ll have to get the oxygen cylinders back out. I actually have oxygen clinic on Wednesday but they won’t be making me do things with a cylinder on, just making sure I still need it. Yep, it’s very useful. I’ve already added in the third pillow at night, so I’m sleeping more upright. If I try to get too horizontal, I just can’t stop coughing. 

This afternoon has been quiet, just curled up crocheting. My default activity when I am poorly and don’t want to engage my brain. 

The 20th of June. 

Every day I do not cough in the future I will be grateful. It is exhausting. I don’t sleep well, then I spend all day suppressing coughs until they explode out of me with such ferocity that I end up bent double and gasping for breath. Stupid phlegm and germs, ruining my life. I am boosting the sales of tissue companies though. 

I’m not going to dress it up – I have sat in front of the tv all day and worked on a blanket. I have at least made a dent in the amount of programmes on the TiVo box. I realised that 36 episodes of Parks and Rec had built up, so I watched six of those, then moved on to Russell Howard’s Comedy Central. I also spoke to Christine who is a poorly puffin too. She has very bad stomach ache, like she needs to be sick but hasn’t been, yet she still stopped to help a lady carry a pram up about four flights of stairs. We are not having a great time. 

That is pretty much it for today. Tomorrow will be much the same, I think – on my own all day because Mommy and Daddy are taking Grandma up north to see her pals. I decided not to join because nobody wants to spend at least six hours in a confined space with me and my phlegm, and I don’t want to give what I’ve got to old ladies. Do not think they would appreciate that. 

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